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Maximum Mini 2 cover Maximum Mini 2
by Jeroen Booij
ISBN 978-90-9028192-6
Booij Books (
£24.95 (p&p extra)

reviewed by Richard Porter

It doesn‘t seem like five years since the original Maximum Mini appeared. That was the book all fans of Classic Mini based kit cars and derivatives had been waiting for, but like all good things it left us wanting more. Where, we asked, were the Scamps, the three-wheelers and the fun-buggies?

Look no further - they‘re here! Maximum Mini 2 is another even more esoteric collection of Mini kits, conversions and one-off specials - sixty in all. Each example has been tirelessly tracked down, thoroughlyresearched and well presented as a two-page spread in this large format (25×25cm) hard-back book. Existing cars have been photographed specially and in many cases archive pictures, press cuttings and brochures have been included.

It would take too long to list all the cars (Oh alright, see below then) but they range from racers, including the totally bonkers Owen Greenwood ‘Sidecar’, to rough terrain vehicles. The RTV isn‘t quite a Mini-Haflinger but it’s close! You‘ll find trikes, campers, buggies and beach cars, coach built and cobbled together, city cars and concept cars. In fact I like volume 2 even better than the original because it contains so many wacky, wierd and wonderful Mini-motored machines I‘d never come across before.

So will there be a third volume? Well it gets an awful lot harder from now on, so I won‘t hold my breath. Make the most of this one!

Summary of Vehicles Covered

Buggies:ABS Freestyle, Autocom, IGM Minibug, Mini Beaver, Siva Mule, Stimson Trek
Mock Mokes:AEM Scout, AMC Cub, ASD Hobo, Schmitt, Jimini 1 & 2, Scamp 1, 2 & 3, Status Sabot
UtilitiesFoers Nomad, Gecko, Hustler 4 & 6, Sekura, Whitby Mini-Warrior
Saloon/Hardtop:Codford Mini/Minique, Martini Mini ACS, New Era Mini, NJC Mini, Saga
Estates:Minus Maxi, Phoenix
Conversions:Crayford Mini Sprint, Radford Mini de Ville, S & A Mini Sprint, Beach Car, Mini Mare, Wood & Pickett Margrave
Sports/GT:ASD Minim, Camarotta, GTM Rossa, Jackson Sportster, Lawther GT, Magenta, Roles XS-3, Tracer
Racers:Aurora BMC, Fisher Spyder, Greenwood Sidecar, Libra Magnum, Metron
Three wheelers:ABC Tricar, AF Spyder & Grand Prix, Brookwell Triffid, Mosquito/Triad, Ranger Cub, Stimson Scortcher
Miscellaneous:Alto Duo, Elswick Envoy, Jiffy, Minissima, Quasar Unipower, RTV, Wildgoose

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