Elmhorn-Troberg Racing Services Brochure

A Swedish Mini Marcos Sales Brochure from 1968

This brochure was kindly provided by Bo Elmhorn and scanned for us by Andy Seward. Andy writes:

"Front Cover: In Sweden, Mini Marcos cars were sold through the official importer, Elmhorn-Troberg Racing Services in Stockholm.

"Page 2: Prospective buyers could purchase either do-it-yourself kits, or a complete car in Sweden, as shown in these price lists.

"Page 3: How simple it looks in the brochure: just take the subframes and drivetrains from a Mini donor car, drop the Mini Marcos chassis on top, and away you go!

"Rear Cover: The unique logo of Elmhorn Troberg featured a formula car motif with a blue-and-gold Swedish flag cleverly inserted in the centre."

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