The Mini Marcos Is Back

Two early sales sheets for the Mk. V Mini Marcos.

The upper pictures show the relaunch leaflet for the Mini Marcos in 1991. Produced in advance of the launch of the Mk. V Mini Marcos, the leaflet shows a Mk.IV car. Notice that the car was then being marketed by Jem Marsh's parts and accessories company, Speedex Autospares Limited.

The lower pictures show the redesigned leaflet with the Mk. V car pictured, complete with tail spoiler. The plan and elevation drawings which have appeared on all the Mini Marcos brochures and leaflets are for the original Mk. I car, including the dimensions. The car was by then being marketed by Marcos Sales Limited. The Mini Marcos Owners Club details appear on the back of the sheet. The reference to the 1967 Le Mans race is an error as the Mini Marcos finished the 1966 race but retired in 1967.

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