Mini Marcos GT

A Swedish Mini Marcos Sales Brochure from 1968

This brochure from Grand Touring Cars AB in Stockholm and was kindly provided by Bo Elmhorn and scanned for us by Andy Seward. Andy writes:

"Front Cover: Chassis #7073 was the artist's subject for the cover of Elmhorn-Troberg Racing Services' Mini Marcos sales brochure.

"Page 2: Good heavens! 0-100 KPH in just 5 seconds with a Group 2 motor under the bonnet.

"Page 3: Once again, chassis #7073 (registered AA6304) is featured in this brochure. The factory Marcos rollbar and unusual Minilite magnesium 'maltese cross' wheels are visible despite post-photo touch-ups.

"Rear Cover: The new Marcos 1600, which was announced at the 1967 Racing Car Show, was featured on the back cover of the Mini Marcos brochure in Sweden."

We like the simple pictorial instructions for building the car, but we're not sure about the sequence of operations! Note the subtle wheel swap.

The link on each page displays a larger image (72 to 98 kbytes).

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