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  Author    Any build guides, Instructions or specs available?  (currently 884 views)
Posted on: June 11th, 2020, 12:28:05 Quote Report to Moderator
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Hi All

As im just starting to get the Marcos stripped to be sent away I am wondering if there are any build guides or handy hints etc when it comes to putting things back together. Things like brake and fuel line routing and the order of which to bolt things back on the shell etc .

I would also really appreciate any tips to make the bodyshop aware of when it comes to getting it the body repaired (i need the final quote first though!)

I think my car is a Mk 2 or Mk3 (without the rear hatch) so would also really appreciate if any one can share some details of what should be fitted and the specification for things like rear lights, dashboardm mirrors etc etc
Many Thanks

Any advice or pointer very welcomed.
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Graham Bichard
Posted on: July 4th, 2020, 18:30:23 Quote Report to Moderator
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Andy - finally managed to get logged in!
I'm pretty sure the club have CD's of the build manuals of older marks of car.  Possibly advertised in the club mag?
If not, let me know.  I think I've got a copy somewhere (might take some finding though).
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