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Cars of the Month 2017

This page lists the photos featured on the home page from January 2016. "Car of the Month" will feature the best suitable photo submitted each month, or in the absence of anything suitable one of our existing photos. Please send new photos with owner, photographer (if different) and car details to webmaster at If possible please reduce images to not more than 1024 x 768 or 1072 x 712 pixels.

The link on each photo leads to more details and photos of the car, or a larger photo.


Philippe Gandini January: Philippe Gandini, Mini Jem Mk.2, JWR-1026 in the Trophée Maxi 1000 race on the Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans, 25th September 2016.
Stoneleigh February: Mini Marcos Mk.IV, WCA 842W, seen at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show. We liked the restyled back end but failed to note the owner’s name.
Mk.V Japan March: I spotted this on facebook and then lost the post so I don't know the owner. It it's you please get in touch. I suspect this car is the same as the one linked to the thumbnail. Wembaster.
Mk.III 7451 April: Fraser Guy's restored Mini Marcos Mk.III no. 7451 in Edinburgh.
May: Cracking shot of Allan Scott piloting his Mk.3 Mini Jem no. MR-MS-1019 on the Harewood Hillclimb course.
MI 18 June: Arthur Morten’s Marcos Ireland Mini Marcos Mk.III in New Zealand.
Mk.III 7170 July: Heinrich Lux’s Mini Marcos Mk. III no 7170 in A.R.T. livery.
Mk.IV 8188 August: Torsten Brand’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV, DH8188.
Mk.III 7360 September: Joost Van Diën’s Mini Marcos Mk. III no. 7360 catches the evening sun at Bevern (B) during the 2017 Euregio Meeting. (Photo: R. Porter)
RT-M2-1191 October: John Campbell’s Mini Jem Mk.2, RT-M2-1191 at the Mini Action Day at Castle Combe Circuit on 30th September 2017. (Photo: R. Porter)
Mk.IV 8020 November: Koen Huybrechts’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV, MM 8020 being restored in the Netherlands in 2009. At this point the exterior was almost finished.

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