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Cars of the Month 2019

This page lists the photos featured on the home page from January 2019. "Car of the Month" will feature the best suitable photo submitted each month, or in the absence of anything suitable one of our existing photos. Please send new photos with owner, photographer (if different) and car details to webmaster at If possible please reduce images to not more than 1024 x 768 or 1072 x 712 pixels.

The link on each photo leads to more details and photos of the car, or a larger photo.


XKX 646J January: Neil Hopkinson’s recently restored Mini Marcos Mk.IV
7520 February: Richard Green’s Mini Marcos Mk.III no. 7520.
Mk.IV Retromobile 2019 March: This Mk.IV was spotted at the 2019 Paris Retromobile show. Thanks to Tom Wiggers for the photo.
Mini Jem RS M2 1188 April: John Lawes’s Mini Jem Mk.2, RT M2 1188, heads up a trio of Jems at Brooklands Mini Day. (R. Porter)
Mk.VI no.2 May: Paul Slangen’s Marcos Heritage Mk. VI looking good and nearly ready to hit the road. (P. Slangen)
DH 8102 June: M. Playle’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8102 which is now in Texas.
Mk.III in Japan July: A Le Mans ’67 styled Mini Marcos Mk.III in Japan.
MM7041 August: A stunning photo of Laurent Segurens’s Mini Marcos Mk.III, 7041, which is nearing the completion of restortion.
Mk.IV in Japan September: Sporting a smart set of Mambas, this is Masaya Mamoto’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV in Japan
Nick Swift, Mini Marcos Mk.III October: Nick Swift rounds the chicane at the Goodwood Revival Meeting, 2019 in a bespatted Mini Marcos Mk. III. (Didier Hannon)
D-MJ 1275 November: Tobias and Helmut Kasimirowics’s Mini Jem Mk.2, 64009, which has been rebuilt following a mishap when returning from an IMM in Ireland. (H. Kasimirowics)
Mini Marcos 9048 December: Mini Marcos Mk.V, 9048 in Japan (Fujio Wako)

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