Mini World, January 1999

Clubs: Netherlands

Europeans join forces

"Mini Marcos and Mini Jem enthusiasts from all over Europe met near Eindhoven in September for the first Mini Marcos Euregio Meeting.

"Eleven cars from Holland, Belgium and the UK joined forces for a scenic drive through the region in beautiful autumn sunshine and a Mini variants meet in the heart of the Netherlands.

"The day began in Bergeijk, at the National Automobile Museum, and the cars then headed for Eersel on a 60 kilometre navigational drive.

"Best car of the meeting was presented to English couple Roger and Melanie Garland for their Mk 5 Marcos. Dutchman Richard Aerdts took the honours in the driving tests.

"Organiser Erik Wijn says another similar meet and rally is already planned for next year. If you are interested call Erik for more information. Tel: +31 74 277 1421."

The pictures show the concours line-up in Eersel, not Bergeijk.

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