Södra Dalarnes Tidning, 10 juni 2000

(South Dalarna Times, 10th June 2000)

Bröllopsresa till midnattsolen

(Honeymoon to the midnight sun)

Stora Skedvi.
25 years ago Margaret and Ian Hayward from Manchester in England got married. Just now they are making their wedding trip of a lifetime. A trip where they passed Dalarna together with some god friends heading north.

We met Margaret and Ian together with their Swedish hosts Inger and Kjell Wiklund, at Landa Backe in Stora Skedvi.

"Sure we already did a wedding trip 25 years ago", Ian tells us, but that time we just had the money for a couple of days in the Lake District, Cumbria. 25 years later, when three boys have grown up, the couple can take a little rest in a two seater coupé, a Mini Marcos.

Via Kristiansand and Årjäng have six very unusual cars together with their crew arrived in St.Skedvi to see Inger and Kjell. In Kjell´s garage there is a body of a Mini Marcos, one of few in the country.

We have got a very good contact with the members of the Mini Marcos Club when we have been around in England so it felt natural for us to invite them all when they passed nearby on there way to the international meeting, Kjell tells us.

THE TRIP of THIS YEAR. Margaret and Ian's "little late" honeymoon is not any usual trip. The end of the trip is Saariselka in Finland far away north of the polar circle where the sun now is shining 24 hours a day!

"It's going to be very exiting! We have already heard so much about the midnight sun and the mosquitos" Ian says, already in Dalarna well prepared with mosquito oil!

To travel such a long distance in such a small car needs planning and the will of an entusiast.

"I BOUGHT THE CAR as a wreck in 1991 and it took until 1998 before the car was ready. Margaret has had enormous patience with me spending long time in garage" Ian continued.

Mini Marcos has just been built in little more than 1000 cars between 1965 to 1981. The car was created by Jem Marsh and it has a fiberglass shell and "the other bits" from the little Mini.

FIRST NIGHT in St. Skedvi ended up in the very best English pub style, a lot of song and music! "Look it isn't dark here either" says Ian and Margaret just before they jumped in to their "wedding room", the Volkswagen camper of Kjell and Inger.

(Article by Monica Elmquist, copy of paper and translation courtesy of Kjell Wiklund)

We would like to thank Inger and Kjell Wiklund for their generous hospitality and excellent servicing facilities during our trip, both of which were much appreciated!


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