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Undated 1977

Newsletter Number 1. (one page, foolscap) Editor: Bob Manifold
News for all 6ft+ Mini Marcos owners
Improved windscreen wipers from D & H.
Sale at D & H, and members' discounts.
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Undated (Summer?) 1977

8 pp

A5 format adopted.
Editorial: 30 registered owners, but believed to be 200 cars in existence.
Mods section: interior door-pull, door hinge rebush and alignment.
First MMOC Get-together at Mallory Park set for September 25th.
North-East meetings arranged (well, north of Lincoln anyway).

Undated (Autumn?) 1977

8 pp

Editorial: three members turn up at D & H sale.
Modifications: steering column stalks, Q.D. racing front as on Stephen Roberts's car - Harold offers to make a mould for these fronts if ten people sign up.
Mallory Park report - eight members attend.
Stephen Roberts sets fastest lap at Donington Park.
Now 40 registered members (not all paid up).
D & H offers rear spoilers for £5 (first 20 for homologation).
Modsports Champion T-shirts with picture of Trans-XL Mini Marcos £1.95.

Undated 1978

16 pp

Editorial: Membership fees stay at £2.50; 50th member enrolled - it's a girl!
Rear spoilers go up to £15, but Essex member Kevin Cooke has a mould for a Mk.III spoiler.
Fitting Mk. 2 Corsair Heater Unit.
Peter Filby's Kit Car Owners Group to hold rally at Donington Park on 3rd June.
MMOC opens its membership to other Mini based kit cars. Volunteers needed for each marque, including Gtm, Gems (sic), Unipower, etc.
Malcolm Fell can provide technical information for Mini Jem owners.
For Sale: choice of Viking Sport, Maya GT and Mini Marcos Mk.III.
Accounts for te MMOC as at 31st March 1978.

Undated 1978

20 pp

Cover: now features design used for windscreen stickers.
Silly prices for Black & Decker goods.
Mods: 'S' type radiator cap, Allegro rad, heater matrix.
What a gay day - Donington MMOC Rally report. Jonathan Browns wins driving test; Gavin Jones takes concours prize.
More mods from Clive McCarthy: quick release bonnet catch and rear height adjuster for seats.
Fitting radios in your Mini Marcos - some ideas on connection and suppression.
Hints from Frank Heath: the plastic sheet inside door trick, and fitting guttering.
Left hand indicator stalk modification by Neil Wordsworth.
Front subframe alignment during refitting - tip from Dave Edwards.
Kevin Cooke wins BRSCC skid controil contest at Brands Hatch.

Undated late 1978

24 pp

Editorial: D & H Midas unveiled.
From the Book of King Rodger, Chapter I verses 1-V sign: some obscure suggestions on registering your car and not paying too much tax.
GTM Spares - GTM project purchased by K.M.B. Autosports Limited or Wellingborough.
Wind-Up Window Conversion by Mike Horsley.
First South-East meeting - report by Kevin Cooke.
Rat Power - cartoon by Roger Tomlinson.
Allegro cooling kit and new rear door seal from D & H.
From Our Man in the North East - dealing with stress cracks by Roger Tomlinson.
Club fees to go up to £3.50 from next year.

June 1979

16 pp

Editorial: apologies for long delay and moan about lack of contributions.
Steve Roberts's race committments for the year, comprising the STP BARC ModSports Cahmpionship, BRSCC ModSports Championship and Donington G.T. Championship. Bob has at last worked out how to spell Donington Park!
Fibreglass Catalyst can cause blindness - safety tip from Brian Capper.
Mods: using a Morris Marina indicator stalk, fitting a Renault 16 radiator and fitting a tow bar to the Mini Marcos.
Registration tip - using a donor registration number.
Modifying the Mini engine stabiliser bar by Alan Volk.
Building the Mini Marcos Shell by Harold Dermott.

Autumn 1979

16 pp

Editorial: windscreen stickers coming soon. Steve Roberts beats everything in sight.
TransXL Mk.III Mini Marcos for sale at £1,500.
Report on Racing Activities: 17 races, 8 class wins, 3 seconds, one third and four retirements.
Allegro Radiator Story continued - fitting the rad in the nose.
Mini Marcos Tow Bar - easier to modify Mini Estate version.
Windscreen wiper modification by Tony Hughes.

Undated 1980

16 pp

Editorial (no cover): Hello from John Wright, Mini Marcos Secretary and Alan Hudson, Treasurer. Bob and Jan Manifold step down, but Bob becomes SE area secretary.
Adjustable Rear Suspension - DIY version using hydrolastic rods.
Mini Marcos Through France on 1 Litre of Water by gareth and Sandra Phillips.
Donington 1980 - National Kit car and Marcos International Rally on the Melbourne Loop.
Cartoon by Dave Hill - V6 Mini Marcos.

Winter 1981*

16 pp

Cover: back to windscreen sticker design.
Wind-up windows - using Reliant Regal winding gear.
The Sheffield Motor Show - report.
Type Approval - doesn't apply to "Amateur Built" cars.
Photos: slightly Mullered Mini Marcos by Julian Atkins.

* No cover date - approximate publication date deduced from content.

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