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Spring 1981*

16 pp

Editorial: change of date for Donington 1981.
Centenary Motoring Festival to be held at Stoneleigh.
Autocrossing a Mini Marcos by Willie Watson.
Mini Marcos Bonnet Fixing -letter from G.W. Phillips.
Maximum out of a Mini Engine by John Wright.
Photo: GTM Coupé.

Summer 1981*

28 pp

Editorial: End of Mini Marcos production at D & H. Alan Hudson visits the Mill. No orders accepted after April 1981.
Roger King moves to Northumberland to set up Kingfisher Motors and can supply mechanical parts for the Mini Marcos.
Mini Marcos spares price list from D & H.
Donington: Limited Edition '81 - report. Awards go to John Mathwin (driving test) and Gavin Jones (concours).
GTM: brief history, kit prioces and technical information.
Tips: leaking rear hatch, fitting door handles backwards, front mounted battery.
DONI - A Persona View by 'Simon'.
Mini Marcos Plus Midas: Secondhand Mechanical Parts.
Midas Mk. 2 - description and price list.
Accounts for MMOC as at 31st March 1981.
Photo: Roger King's Jem.

Autumn 1981*

20 pp

The Building of a Midas by 'Frank'.
The Southern Kit Car Meet: report on the Hindhead event by 'Gavin'.
The Norhtern Kit Car Meet - report. Photo of YAC 36S.
Mini + Marsh Adds Up to a Longways Racer With a Sideways Engine: the "Flying Flirt" or First Ladies International Racing Team - preparing the Mini Marcos for long distance racing.
Photo: DY 58.964.

Winter 1982*

24 pp

Editorial: subs to go up to £4 from April.
Rebuilding a Mini Marcos CYT 999H by Malcom Francis.
Warning! All Members - rear child's seat for Mk.IV Mini Marcos.
Drawing: TransXL Mk. IV Mini Marcos. Photo: unidentified Mk. III Mini Marcos.

Summer 1982*

Cover: windscreen sticker design.
Fitting a Rear Door to an Early Mini-Marcos by Kevin Beale.
Door Check Straps by "Boo".
Accounts for Mini Marcos Owners Club up to March 31st 1982.
Photo: GTM Coupé GTM 73.
Fitting Front Negative Camber Kit C-AJJ 3364.

Autumn 1982

28 pp

Cover: New cover design with Mk.IV pen drawing. Back cover has MMOC chequered flags and laurel design.
Editorial: Gavin Jones takes over as Secretary and Editor; Rukhsana Jones is Treasurer.
Membership report: subs going up to £5, or £5.50 for husband and wife.
Feature page: The Voodoo (Imp-engined kit) with photo.
Owners Cars: Antony Gibbons's Mk.IV Mini Marcos, HCO 106F, with photo.
Photo: Ivan Heap's vynil-top Mk.IV, URR 790S, at Donington '81.
Mods Page: Moprod replacement master cylinders.
Meetings Reviewed: National Mini Marcos Rally at Sledmere House.
Mini (Marcos) Ha! Ha! - cartoons page.
Traffic Jam - hidden word competition (answers given).
New Metal Marcoses now available - photos of any member's car can be etched in metal.

Winter 1983

40 pp

Openers: plea for articles and photos; questionnaire results (20% returned); magazine schedule.
Membership Report: handouts and reprints available - Building a Mini Marcos (Car Mechanics, May and June, 1979), GRP Repiars, Mini Marcos build-up instruction booklet for Mk.II and Mk.III, Mini Marcos build-up instructions for Mk.IV.
Feature Page: The Midas Touch - Gavin Jones visits the factory at Corby. Photos of Midas shell and car on the road (RNF 555W), plus air-flow drawing.
technical Qs & As: putting larger wheels on cars, cure for poor starting (connect the earth terminal of the battery to the engine), bleeding brakes, removing the wedge-shaped dropped floor, inside door hinges (no 'A' here).
Owners Cars: some ideas from Kevin Beale - convertible and street racer drawings.
Mods Page: Improving your rear end (with Mk.I Escort lights); Princess washer jets; Mk.I Cortina heater; seat belt mountings.
Meetings Reviewed: Dave Robinson tries a Midas and Lotus Seven round Brands, visits Santa Pod and attends the Southern Kit Car Rally at Hindhead.
Cartoons: wind-up Mini Marcos, shrinking Mini Marcos.
Mini (Marcos) Ha! Ha! - Marcophobia by Alan Hitchcock.
Events Calendar: National Mini Marcos Rally to be held at Castle Ashby.
P.P. - deain hole fittings available.
Insert: Midas Cars Sale Day on 9th April.

Summer 1983

40 pp

Openers: new secretary and treasurer required - Gavin and Rukhsana bow out.
Membership Report: including accounts for the year to 31st March 1983.
Letters: Mini Marcos in Books from Gareth Phillips; car valuations by Midas Cars from Harold Dermott; master cylinder refiller for brake bleeding from Mike Cawley; 26 shells built in Dublin from Michael Hyland.
Feature Page: Unipower GT (with photo).
Technical Qs & As: fitting 12" and 13" wheels; Harold Dermott replies on seat belt mountings; moulded headlamp covers; more on tow bars; Kevin beale on working Perspex; roll bar question.
Cartoon: Mini marcos snorkel.
Mods Page: replacing the headlining from Mr. G. Clark; modifying the front end (air dam and nose panel) by Rick Stretton, with photos of modified Mini Marcos, KNX 810V.
Mini (Marcos) Ha! Ha! - a baked beans story.
Events - Castle Ashby details and maps.

* No cover date - approximate publication date deduced from content.

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