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Spring 2018

Covers: Gordon Murray’s Midas, Stoneleigh advert.
Midas Owners Club AGMAgenda; Mini Marcos Owners Club AGM announcement.
Le Mans 1966 Mini Marcos Pewter Model.
Mini Briefs and Bloomers; MMOC membership renewal reminder.
DEWS Downton Engineering - meeting report by Kelvin Kincaid.
Cable-Tec cables and controls ltd. (advertisement)
Never Used - Old Stock - Clearance Bargains.
and the prize goes to .... Steve Schmidt by Philip Smethurst - Steve gets a class win at Geelong Revival.
Classic Car Show NEC - November 2017: report be Neil Franklin (Midas OC).
Mini Marcos Mk.III SOLD (7144), Another Mini Marcos SOLD - a Mk.IV.
Launch of a New Midas - Midas Mk.1 paper cut-out model.
The Book Club - Maximum Mini 2, Anatomy of the Classic Mini.
One Formula - 50 Years of Car Design by Gordon Murray - article by Alistair Courtney.
Vehicles of Historical Interest (VHI) - Substantial Change Guidance - within the UK.
Another car rescued from a stalled restoration, now back on the road by Jonathan Bullock (7323).
(Almost) Springing into Action by Justin King (Midas Cortez).

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