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Apr. 2020

Covers: Phil Smethurst’s Mini Marcos at Philip Island GP Ciircuit, Victoria (AUS); Paul Mitchell’s Taylorspeed Mini Jem at the same venue.
Editorial by Kelvin Kincaid.
Joint Magazine - I’m seeing double, or is it the pairs? by “67 Mini Marcos” (a hippy if you ask me).
The Smith Report - an unofficial update on Craig Smith’s Mini Marcos (8071) by Roger Garland.
Tim Lalonde - RIP - with contributions from Lyn Marsh, Roger Garland and a letter from Tim himself (written earlier), plus Nicolas Pinon’s 1967 Le Mans replica.
The Nuts and Bolts of Nuts and Bolts - by Alistair Courtney (technical but essential reading).
Midas 40th at the Oil Can Restaurant. Midas internet membership ditched.
Phillip Island GP Circuit, Victoria, Australia 5th to8th March 2020 - Marcos get-together including Mini Marcoses of Phil Smethurst (8241), Steve Schmidt (7056) and Peter Tanner (7129), and the Taylorspeed Jems of Paul Mitchell (SRH 615), Phil Huxtable (RDA 994) plus a bunch of Coupés). Report by Paul Mitchell.
Mini Marcos Seams OK? Matt Master (8403) asks about moulding lines along the sills. Roger Garland provides the answer (photo of 8422).
The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, November 2019 - Alistair Courtney reports on the NEC Autumn extravaganza.
Jaffa Cakes and Popes, or how I became famous (again) - Justin King feature on Jack Woods, staff writer on Complete Kitcar.
Pewter Marcos Arrives in Germany by Thomas Ostheimer.
Neil Named That Car (P*** V*****) - must have got in before your webmaster!
Midas Gold Convertible Project by Kevin Hill.
New Build Gold Mk. 3 Convertible by Allan Hopkins.

Summer 2020

Covers: Pete Crudgington’s Mk.1 Mini Jem, RS-C-1055; Hans Efde’s Mk.3 Midas Gold Convertible.
Mini Action Dat at Castle Combe this year will go ahead! [It didn’t -Ed].
Midas Lockdown by Phil Shepherdson.
Le Mans 1966 Mini Marcos Pewter Model. (shop)
News from Germany; Obituary: Works Mini Jem driver, Mike Garton.
Mini Marcos Rebuild Project by Colin Jenkins (DH 8389).
The Book Club: Maximum Mini 2 and Anatomy of the Classic Mini.
Scottish Midas Tour 2019; Midas Owners Club Regakia.
Mike Perkins, Walker; Midas Owners Club - Virtual Stoneleigh.
A Brief History of the Mini Marcos – An Unusual Pint Sized British Sports Car by Jon Branch.
Lock Down? Lock problems on the Midas Coupé.

Autumn 2020

Covers: Michael Schäfer’s Midas Gold; Craig Smith’s Mini Marcos number plate.
MMOC Treasurer’s Report 2019/2020.
Mini Marcos Ireland; John Hackett in the Irish Legends Rally in Mini Marcos 7445.
Staying Dry by Roger Garland - waterproofing the doors.
Mini Briefs and Bloomers: Rob Watts finds a twin for his Mk.3 Mini Marcos; Des Bennett prepares for a respray; Christian Roeck is interested in buying [has now bought -Ed.] DH8341; John Lawes has some Midas wheels and Charles Colledge was racing at Cadwell Park.
Racing a Marcos on the Nürburgring by John Sutton, courtesy of Moss Motoring.
Book Club; Midas for sale; DVLA Updates.
The Aluminium to Zinc of Metal by Alistair Courtney.
Midas regalia; MMOC spares & regalia.
Midas Mk.3 Coupé restoration well under way by John Orson.
There was life before Marcos by Phil Runney - story of a Speedex Special.
Name That Car competition - The Peel Viking Minisport.
The Sporting Minis - Geoff Mabbs, Jan Odor and the Janspeed Mini Marcos, JAN 2.
Acespeed Midas CNC 297T (and JEH 448V) by Andy Ace Harrison.
Door Hinges Showing Their Age? - rewstoring Mini Mk.1 door hinges by Roger Garland. Photo of Mini Marcos Mk.III, 375 WHT.
Top 10 Cooling System Hints You Need to Know About from our friends at

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