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Autumn 1983

32 pp

Cover: New title - Mini Sportscar, magazine of the Mini-Sportscar Club.
A New Chapter begins: Mini-Sportscar Club created as an umbrella organisation for separate marque owners clubs. New editor and organiser: Alan Burgess.
Building an Automatic Mini Marcos by Graham Venn.
Midas Belt and Braces by Frank Williams.
Seen in the Press: useful articles between july '82 and November '83.
The First Hustler at Home by Trevor Faithfull. Photo of huddle of Hustlers.
Get Galvanised by David Robinson.
The National Marcos Rally by Gavin Jones. Cars mentioned: SKD 573G (J. Mathwin), KNX810V (R. Stretton), JRK 470K (G. Erwin), DFK 453X (B. Law) and 330 CYT (M. Boyd).
Bought As Seen by D.A. Haines - restoring a Mk.III Mini Marcos, with photo.
Heated Rear Window by Richard Porter - third DIY solution finally sticks.
Alice Through the Windscreen Glass: replacement Mini Marcos and Jem screens.
Chassis Numbers: some Mini Marcos body numbers with registration numbers and owners.


28 pp

Editorial: Don't Shoot the Pianist by Alan Burgess - getting RAC recognition.
Hustler Newsletter by Trevor Faithfull.
Plans for "UOT" by Alan Hitchcock (Mini marcos Mk.III, UOT 184H).
Letters: Windscreens by Jon Shortt - no deposits received; Grilled Number Plates by Sean Kelly; Jem Windscreen Mod by Paul Beever.
Ventilating the Midas by Brian Shaw.
More Shapely by Graham Venn - front end and bonnet mods.
Bought as Seen Part 2 by D.A. 'Slim' Haines.
The McCoy - new kit from Birchall Automotive, with gatefold photo.
Timing Belt Conversion - UVA's kit.
Problem Solutions by Antony Gibbons: roll cage, bigger wheels, weather proofing, Mini radiator at the front, ride height and interior trim. Pictures of HCO 106F and remains of shell after a roll.
News from New Zealand by Kerry Mundell (Mini marcos, Jem, Status Minipower).
Midas New Bits by Frank Williams: engine stabiliser and tow bar.
What Do I Own? by G.K. Davis (7445, FAN 2J).


16 pp

Editorial: Volumes speak louder than ... (combined volume of back numbers).
Photo: Graham Penn's Mini Marcos ACE 6--.
Extra Oil Pump Protection by Andy Vanko.
Mini-Jem New Nose from Richard Brabbins: new bonnet mould, hatchback for Mk. 1 Jems.
Of Lamps and Spoilers by Graham Venn.
Neat Nostrils - new snout on Gordon Hogg's car (--N 940G).
Special Mini Tools by Andy Vanko: swivel pin socket and starter spring compressor.


24 pp

Editorial: Better Late Than Never.
End of a Dream by Barry Saville: unfinished Mk. IV Mini Marcos for sale.
Canadian GTM by Colin Heasley (with photos).
Windscreen Rubbers - available from C.O. Baines Ltd.
Mini Happy Returns - Austin-Rover marks Mini's 25th birthday at Donington Park.
Reinforcing my Marcos by Richard Harris (YUA).
Midas Rear Members by Frank Williams - modified crossmember from Harold Dermott.
Mk.3 Jem for sale - photo of YFG 158 owned by A.G. Bennison.
Needs Some Attention by Brian Helliwell.
Mice Luv MMs by Graham Venn - field mice ate the carpets!

Undated (Autumn 1985)

12 pp

Cover: Midas photo.
Editorial: Three's Company by Alan Burgess. Ian Glen and Roger Garland offer help.
Newark '85, West Midlands Meeting, Kit Car Garden Party: show and barbecue reports by Roger Garland.
Misty-Eyed by A.J. Brewer - using a Datsun 120Y heater unit.
Photo: Mk. 2 Jem of Douglas Smith, BHM 2H.
Superior Sills by Phillip Turner: additional sills for Mk.II Mini Marcos.

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