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Undated (Winter 1985/6)

8 pp

Covers: back to Mini Marcos Owners Club; photo of Neil Roscoe's ex-Steve Roberts Mini Marcos Mk. IV. Rear: photo of Roger Garland's frontally modified Mini Marcos YAC 36S.
Editorial: Old Soldiers Never ... by Alan Burgess.
Malvern Motoring Event, West Mercia Marcos Group Inaugural Meeting by Roger Garland.
Windscreens M.M. Mk 2 (and Mk. 1?) by Neil Avery - Peach Glass Ltd. came up with the goods.
Photo: Roscoe's racer plus another Mini Marcos which appears to have number plate 1275 GT.

August 1986

16 pp

Cover: revives Mini Marcos pen drawing as used on Issue 16.
Editorial: New Secretary - Roger Garland introduces himself. Roger has sold YAC 36S and taken on "project" FKP 136D.
Mini Marcos Comes of Age - 21st Birthday celebratrion Rally at Castle Ashby by Roger Garland.
Fitting a Rubber Timing Belt by Miles Frazer (Mini Marcos STR 499H).
Midas Takes a Holiday by John A. Hall - Mini Marcos on a Cosmos motoring holiday to Italy.
Identification Test - photo of David Winskle's kingfisher Sprint shell, minus a few bits.

November 1986

24 pp

Editorial: factory takes legal action against Marcos Owners Club, preventing it from using the Marcos name and logo. MMOC gets approval to use Mini Marcos logo from Harlod Dermott.
One Car - Two Numbers - Three Years by Russ and Karen Turner, Mini Marcos Mk.III OWP 469L or JPB 132K (well, they bought it from Jonspeed).
Large Marcos transfers and metal badges available from the factory. Mini Marcos badge available from Midas cars.
Cut Glass for Jems - windscreens available from Charles Pugh glass in London.
Easy to Build, Easy to Maintain - or so thought Nigel Holmes.
One For the Road - alcohol limits for breath, blod and urine.
Mini Rides Again - David McMullan of Crayford Engineering and the first ever Mini convertible.
Owners cars: drawings of convertible and street racer mods (repeat).
Scammonden Dam Hillclimb by Mick Crooks (Mini Marcos TEE 900J) with photo of Mike Bastiana in his Mini marcos 1400cc.
Almost Ready to Fly: Mike Cawley's Gullwing Mini Marcos nears completion after five years.
Sell or Rebuild? Alan Hitchcock gets the urge to rebuild UOT 184H.

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