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February 1987

32 pp

A Touch of Magic from Midas - reprinted from Kitcar and Specials magazine.
Mini Marcos Windscreens available from Birmingham Safety Glass.
Combine or Compete? Proposal to amalgamate with the Marcos Owners Club - Roger Garland seeks members' views.
The growing Pains of Marcus Mini, Aged 5¾ by Brian Helliwell, Mini Marcos Mk. IV, WCA 842W.
International Mini Meeting 1987 at De Scherpenhof, Terwolde - announcement and costs.
Colour Supplement (well its on pink paper anyway): reproduction of an early Mini Marcos brochure.
Painting: brush painting with Tehaloid coach enamel by John O'Melia.
Fixed Penalty Scheme extended - newspaper cutting.
Replacement Speedo Cable - some part numbers and donor vehicles.
Classic Mini Marcos Insurance - new scheme from Clarkson Puckle.
Trimming a Mini Marcos by Mick Crooks (TEE 900J) - rear decking.
Lead lowered - government announcement.
Mini Marcos Headlight Covers - advice on forming Perspex by Brian Helliwell.
Mighty Mini - Track Test of Neil Roscoe's ex-Steve Roberts Mini Marcos, reprinted from Sportscar Monthly.

Summer 1987

28 pp

The End of an Era: very last of the Mini Marcos Owners Club magazines. members support merger with the Marcos Owners Club.
Photo: Mini Marcos Mk. IV, RME 571R, now in Austria.
A Mirage, True or False - Autotune's Mirage revives the Marcos Mantis.
Performance Day Spectacular at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground - details and booking form.
Goody Two SUs: tuning SU carburetters (reprint).
Prolonging the Useful Life of the Battery in Your Mini Marcos by K.L. Martin B.Sc.
A Very Special Weekend for Mini Marcos Enthusiasts: National Rally preview.
Road signs, and what they mean to Mini Marcos owners.
Full Size Model Mini Marcos by Gordon Hogg (Mk. IV).
Jem Talk - road test of GBH 771H (magazine reprint).
One of Us Finishes at Le Mans - reprint of a 1966 article.

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