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March 1989

Cover: Mike Crooks (TEE 900J) and Richard Williams at the Classic & Sportscar Mini test day at Bruntingthorpe.
Letters: including door hinge identification by Roger Garland and a progress report on 6002 from Keith Norris.
Show Reports: Knockhill and Castle Combe Kit Car Action Days; Tredegar House Vintage and Classic Car Show (photo of Mark Williams's Mini Marcos Mk.III, LHT 3E, with interesting rear hatch conversion); South West Kit Car Show, Bristol.
The Growing Pains of Timothy's MOL ... aged 11½ - including photo of Mk.IV Mini Marcos, 648 MOL.
Competitions: wordsearch and crossword answers; Computer Conundrum.
Car-toon: Mini Marcos Picnic Tables.
Showtime: Stoneleigh preview and events list.
Paying Our Way: subs going up from £ 7 to £10.
Keeping Water at Bay, Part 3 by Roger Garland - waterproofing the doors.
Speed Scene: with lists of events for the regulars and a photo of Neil Roscoe's Mk.IV Mini Marcos.
Off to Sweden: Roger Young finds a Mini Marcos for Kjell Wiklund.
Here's the Solution... A Breath of Fresh Air by Derek Furnues: Mini engine breathers.
Just One Wipe and It's Clean by Mick Crooks: fitting a single blade wiper.
Bleeding Useful - tips for bleeding the brakes.
For Sale: including photo of Peter Harding's Mini Jem, LOT 10F.

June 1989

Cover: Club stand at Stoneleigh, 1989.
Communiqué - including photos of John Moore's Mini Marcos at Aintree in 1981, and Ian Hall's Mini-engined Davrian.
Show Reports: Stafford and Stoneleigh 1989.
AIJ 8558 - or How a Young Man Was Led to Ruin!! by Richard Sherriff. Richard repairs his crashed jem with a Kingfisher front end.
Quiz answers and Jago "Spot the Difference" competition.
Speed Scene: news of Dean Robertson, Chris Perry, Nick Plankenhorn, Neil Roscoe, John Dickens, Nick Day and Stef Jones.
Financial Statement in respect of 1988/89 by Roger Garland.
Le Mans Sprite Project - two Austin-Healeys, specially prepared for the 1965 race, turn up in Scotland and Birmingham in need of restoration.
Get In The Right Gear - information on Mini gearbox identification, including tabulated gearbox and final drive ratios for transverse 'A' Series applications.
Here's the Solution... Getting the Right Rubber (for windscreens) by Stef Jones and
Now That It Goes Can I Make It Stop? by John Dickens.
How to Put Your Shoes on Correctly by Derek Furnues - drum brake assembly.
Mini Marcos Technical Index up to Issue 32.
Sell it Now! including a photo of Tony Edwards's Mk. IV Mini Marcos, DH8413 and spares.
Car-toon by Roger Young.

September 1989

Cover: Le Mans trip cars lined up in Le Havre.
Show Reports: Capesthorne '89, Newark '89.
MMOC National Rally: Rob Harvey-Duffield and Gillian Dalby sample the glüwein.
National Kit Car Show, Sandown Park: John and Pat Marr drool over GT40 and T70 replicas.
Speed Scene: Neil Roscoe retires at Snetterton, Chris Perry and Dean Robertson on the hills, Nick Day, John Dickens and Stef Jones on the circuits.
Spot the Difference: competition results and new caption competition.
Here's the Solution: Who needs a dynamo? by Chris Shackleton
Fighting the Rust on a Mini Marcos by Peter Brooks.
Putting a Stop to it: Derek Furnues on handbrakes.
Eyes in the back of your head: Roger Young on fitting and adjusting the reversing light switch.
Stopper Motor!! - useful tip from Geoffrey, King of Winchester.
Single Wiper Conversion Mk.II by John Dickens.

December 1989

Cover: Mike Cawley's Gullwing Mini Marcos.
MMOC Financial Statement, September 1989.
Team Changes: it's all change on the Club Committee.
Mini Jem Body Moulds: production body moulds have been located and are for sale at £3,000.
Show Reports: Mini 30th Birthday party at Silverstone by Rob Harvey-Duffield.
Kit Car Action Day, 23rd Aeptember 1989: Melanie Newman reports.
Talking Point: an interview with Harold Dermott of Midas Cars, first published in 1979.
Le Mans 1989: Jim Vokes reports on the club trip.
Speed Scene: Nick Plankenhorn wins at South Cerney, Dear Robertson sets a new record, Chris Perry, Nick Day, John Dickens and Colin Jenkins also get a mention, plus thanks to the helpers at the Relay.
Regalia and Spares News: Mini Jem headlamp covers available
It Works! It Works! - John Dickens reports on a season of kit car racing, culminating with the Six-hour relay at Snetterton.
Book at Bedtime: Stef Jones has some suggestions.
Competition: results of the caption competition, and identify the car silhouettes.
Here's the Solution: "Green" petrol by Stef Jones.
How to Tyre Yourself Out: Stef gives some guidance on wheel and tyre sizes.
Sort Out Your Suspension: John Dickens on camber adjustments, ride height and wheel offsets.

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