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March 1990

Cover: Roger Garland's Mini Marcos Mk. IV, KCW 806G.
Mini 7-Port Head by Alan Prilfool.
Report of the Special General Meeting held to approve the Club Constitution, by Roger Garland.
Show Reports: Bristol Kit & Sportscar Show, Donington Park Racing Show, First London Kit & Sportscar Show at pickett's Lock.
Have You Been Paying Attention? - identify the club stand location.
It's Show Time, Folks! - previews of Stoneleigh, Macclesfield, Newark, the MMOC National Rally at Worcester, Sandown Park, Tredegar House, Peterborough and Castle Combe. Jim Vokes drums up support.
Mini Invasion of Germany - details of the IMM at Rodenkirchen.
Fast Driving Certificate day and Club Gathering: Stef promotes the day out at Castle Combe.
Chris Crowhurst - restoring what most of us would regard as a write-off, by Stef Jones.
Rochdale - More than just a Lancashire Town: Paul Narramore on the Rochdale Olympic.
Talking Point: an interview with Ian Hargreaves of Avonbar.
You Never Stop Building Them: some quotes from Autocar on the trouble with kit cars.
Insuring a Mini Marcos by Paul Narramore.
The Virus: Goran Mitewski gets the kit car bug.
MMOC Technical Manual - the compilation is now complete.
Regalia News - sunstrips and brollies.
Speed Scene: Mini Marcos Mk. IV Sprint and Hillclimb Car by Nick Plankenhorn.
Martin's Mishap or A Tale of Agreed Value Insurance by Martin Cooke of Bain Clarkson.
The Federation of Kit Car Clubs - inaugural meeting.
The Merritt Engine.
Here's the Solution: On the Level. Chris Shackleton looks for a level playing-field, sorry, garage floor, to make the suspension adjustments.
Fighting the Rust, part 2 by Kjell Wiklund.
A Useful Tool: Kjell Wiklund modifies a socket wrench for getting at manifold nuts.
A Cheap and Simple Rear Beam: John Dickens takes the DIY approach.
Getting Pumped Up by Geoff King - problems with the SU fuel pump.
Keeping Your Cool: fitting a front-mounted radiator by Stef Jones.

June 1990

Cover: Mark Davis's Kingfisher Sprint.
The Ongoing Saga of the Very First Roadgoing Mini Marcos (6002) by Keith Norris.
Notification of Annual General Meeting at Worcester.
Mini Marcos Owners Club Annual Rally - preview and details.
25 Years of the Mini Marcos - 1966 to 1991: ideas for a celebration.
Wneh Irish Eyes Were Smiling: news from Peter O'Neill (7502).
So That's What It Was... no answers, but a new crossword competition.
My Latest Acquisition by Paul Narramore.
DVLC News: change in policy on re-issuing lost registration numbers.
Gamblin' Man: article on Roger King and the Kingfisher Sprint first published in Alternative Cars.
The Continuing Story of Metrication by Stef Jones.
Repair and Fabrication in GRP by John Dickens.
Wheel Cylinder Sizes - also includes clutch and brake master cylinders.

September 1990

Cover: Jim and Mark Stevenson's Mk. 1 Mini Jem at Stoneleigh. includes photo of Spencer Morgan's Mini Marcos Mk. IV, TRN 989A.
The Annual General Meeting of the Mini Marcos Owners Club: report, minutes and financila report by Roger Garland.
Show Reports: Jim Vokes at Stoneleigh, Colin Wrigglesworth at Rodenkirchen, "Gilbert Dingle" at Newark and Richard Porter at Uxbridge.
The Mini Marcos Owners Club Annual Rally - An Organiser's View.
Ian Hayward's Sticky Moments.
Speed Scene: Ian Head and Jim Vokes join the fray. Appeal for help at the relay race.
Regalia News: new Silver Jubilee Sweat Shirt.
Communiqué: Colin Jenkins writes about 18 years of Mini Marcos ownership (MRT 852E).
To 'Q' or Not to 'Q' - the ins and outs of Q-plates and how to avoid them by Stef Jones, with a letter from the Department of Transport.
More Wiper Facts by Stef Jones.
Repair and Fabrication in G.R.P. II - Fabrication (continued) by John Dickens.

December 1990

Cover: 370 JEA Mk.III factory demonstrator.
Communiqué: including news of Max hall's Mini Marcos, LUP 310J.
Team Changes: Jim Vokes takes over organising the 1991 Le Mans trip, plus publicity; Robert Watts gets club spares, Melanie Newman takes over as UK Shows Organiser and Stef Jones gets membership in addition to the club magazine.
Historically Speaking - Roger Young looks at some sales brochures.
Silver Jubilee Annual Rally 1991 - Melanie Newman kicks off the preparations for the big party.
You've heard about Scandinavian rally drivers? How about Scandinavian Mini Marcos rally drivers ... Olof Ekman reports on the Swedish Marcos Owners' rally at Orebro Castle with 'Bengan', Morten Deenfort and friends.
Anyone Fancy a Dirty Weekend? Stef Jones sets the scene for the 48 Hour rebuild project at Stoneleigh.
The Fall and Rise of 370 JEA by Paul Frieda.
The Good, the Baddie and the Ugly: abuse of the club by unscrupulous dealers.
Le Mans 1991 - Jim Vokes gives details of the club trip.
When all else fails - a few unlikely problems and cures by Alan Barraclough (tongue in cheek).
Underneath The Arches - extending wheel arches and adding a GTM Rossa front by Steve Gater.
A Manager's Tale - the Birkett Relay 1990 by Toni Dickens.
SpeedScene: Stef Jones with news of Dean Robertson, Nick Plankenhorn, Duncan Stewart, Neil Roscoe, Nick Day, John Dickens, Ian Head, Matthew Truelove, Shaun Martin and Stef himself.
Saved from the Grave - Story No. 37: Mk.1 Mini Jem RPH 4F is rescued in Oxfordshire. Story by Roger Garland.
Here's the Solution: Practical Engine Tuning by John Dickens.
Wiring: fabricating a wiring loom including dynamo and alternator wiring by Chris Horton.

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