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March 1991

Cover: Le Mans 1966 - the Mini Marcos rounds Mulsanne Corner.
Retention of registrations - some new developments: How to trace te history of your car, and 'Original registration Marks' rules relaxed by Roger Garland.
Historically Speaking: The Autocars Marcos Estate by Roger Young.
There's Snow Business Like Show Business - 2nd London Kit and Sportscar Show by John & Pat Marr.
Forthcoming Shows: Stoneleigh, IMM, Cheshire, NEC, Motorworld, Newark and Le Mans, with past pics.
Stoneleigh 48 Hour Rebuild - Stef Jones calls for volunteer mechanics.
24 Heures du Mans 1991 - Jim Vokes plans the club trip.
Mini Marcos Silver Jubilee Rally - programme by Melanie Newman, and full page photo of the 1990 Rally.
Classic Car Insurance from Martin Cooke of Bain Clarkson.
Gunson's Automotive Equipment - big club discounts.
Du Scaphandre à la course - from diving to racing: Jean-Claude Hrubon and the 1966 le Mans Mini Marcos. 1966 article by J-P Bolvent.
Gatefold photo of the Mini Marcos in the pits at Le Mans.
Lapland - in a Mini Marcos: Roger Garland and Melanie Newman set a Lap record crossing the Arctic Circle in KCW 806G.
SpeedScene: what you need and what you need to do to go racing in your Mini Marcos by Stef Jones.
Hers's the Solution: Practical Engine tuning Part 2 by John Dickens.
Hoe to keep your head when the going gets hot: some advice on fitting the headlining by Colin Jenkins.
Wiring - Everything you need to know.
Five-knuckle shuffle - ad for the Jack Knight five-speed box and LSD.

June 1991

Cover: The 48-Hour Rebuild car, UDE 489H.
Communiqué: including a query on the TransXL Mini Marcos speed records.
Annual General Meeting - announcement and agenda.
And the Wheel turns Full Circle - an item from the Summer 1981 issue of Kit Cars & Specials on the end of Mini Marcos Mk. IV production at D & H Fibreglass.
Show reports: 12th International Mini Meeting at Hagen, Germany; National Kit Car Show, NEC, Birmingham.
Stoneleigh 48 Hour Rebuild: the Club builds a Mk.III Mini marcos starting with a bare shell and a running donor Mini Van - full report and pictures.
Mini Marcos Silver Jubilee Rally, Donington Park, July 1991 - programme and maps.
A Gem of a Jem - Ted Cogswell's Mk.1 Jem, APH 39H.
If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body ... Stef Jones talks about body shells and describes the differences between different marks of the Mini Marcos.
Racing a Mini Jem - The Story So Far: April 1989 - May 1991 by Phil Wadsley.
Speed Scene: Stef does his usual roundup of the action, featuring Phil Wadsley, Paul richards, Nick Day, Ian Head and Robert Watts. Philippe Stieniet completes the restoration of his car for the European FIA Historics Championship.
Here's the Solution: Things that go Bang in the Night - Rob Watts deals with a broken diff.
Door Gutters or 'keeping the Drips on the Outside' by Colin Jenkins.

September 1991

Cover: Club line-up at Donington Park for the 1991 rally.
Communiqué: Olaf Braasch adds some Mini variants to the mega-list.
Minutes of the 1991 Annual General Meeting, accounts and Financial Statement.
Show reports: European Kit Car Show, Uxbridge Autoshow, Classic Car Roadshow at Penshurst, Sandown Park, Mini 30 at Silverstone.
The Mini Marcos Owners Club Silver Jubilee Rally, Donington Park 1991 - full report and pictures. Phillippe Devilliers wins best car.
It's Coming Along - Steve Gater continues with body mods on Mini Marcos 6032.
SpeedScene compiled by Stef Jones: Phil Wadsley, modsports Mini Jem plus news of all the gang - Nick Day, Ian Head, John Dickens and Charles Colledge. Stef looks ahead to the Birkett Relay Race at Snetterton, while Geoff Gibson finishes the restoration of hos Mk.I Mini Marcos. Phillipe Stieniet competes at Spa Francorchamps and Mini racer Emile Businaro prepares his Mini Marcos for historic racing.
Here'sthe Solution: Wiring Your Car part 1 by Richard Porter.
Stef has some recommendations for restoring wheels and recalibrating distributors.
Speedo Calculations - Mike Perkins sorts out the teeth from the turns and provides a Speedo Specifications Table.
More GRP Hints - Stef again with some ideas for using rigid expanded polyurethane (REP), including wings and a 'droop snoot' front. 'Score Board', 'Peel-Ply' and 'CS Mat' also get a mention.

December 1991

Cover: Richard Porter's Mini Marcos Mk. IV at Donington Park.
Communiqué: Mike Cawley with the latest news of his gullwing Mini Marcos, including flip-front modifications.
Colin Jenkins with Mini Marcos MRT 852E at the National Rally, Donongton Park.
Paul Lethbridge and Pauline Cawley purchase the Stoneleigh Rebuild car, UDE 489H.
Jem Talk by Colin Wrigglesworth.
Goings on in Deepest Surrey - R.S. Williams does some work on his Mini Marcos following a visit to the Component Car Show at Sandown Park.
Number One in the UK - MMOC wins Classic Cars' award for "Best Club Magazine 1991".
International Mini Meeting 1992, Terwolde - advance details.
MMOC Autumn Autotest at Curborough.
Show Reports: Mini Show, Bingley Hall, Stafford - Richard Porter reports.
25 Years of Marcos Mayhem - well illustrated report of the Birkett Six-Hour Relay Race at Snetterton. The Marcos Mayhem team takes second in class. Lots of pics.
A Flock of Kingfishers - what might have been!
Radman - Max Hall with some radiator information from Serck Marston in Cornwall.
Silver All Round - Geoff gibson's Mini Marcos Mk.I.
Speed Scene compiled by Stef Jones - 'Didi' wins the Liège - Rome - Liège classic rally in a Mini Marcos Mk. IV, plus news of Phil Wadsley, Paul Richards, Jim Vokes, John Dickens, Charles Colledge, Dean and Jo Robertson and Geoff Gibson.
Here's the Solution: Wiring Your Mini Marcos Part 2 - the Live Supply by Richard Porter.
A Breath of Fresh Air - Stef Jones on engine breathers.
All Stop and No Go - fitting Metro hubs and brakes by Ian Hayward.
More Esoteric Polymeric Epistles - Mike Perkins describes some of the materials used for reinforcing your plastic, from Kevlar and carbon fibre to paper rope.

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