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March 1992

Covers: Australian Mini 30 celebrations (Paul Mitchell's Jem); Mini Marcos UDE 489H, Mini Jem TMJ 147K and Kingfisher Sprint Q685 MPP.
The perfect end to a great project - reflections on the 48-hour rebuild.
Show reports: Liège Racing Car Show and London Kit & Sportscar Show, Pickett's Lock. Photo of club stand with FGY 359V.
Jem Talk: differences in the Mini Jem model range by Colin Wrigglesworth.
MMOC Annual Rally announcement.
Minifest 91 - A Jem at the Australian Mini 30 Celebrations by Paul Mitchell (part 1), with photos of Paul's Jem on the track at Bathurst.
Competition - identify the "FLIRT" girls.
The rise and fall of PCX 349 by Olof Ekman.
Diary of a rebuild by Guy Hayward
The Fuel of the Future by Alan Prilfool.
Regalia News - new items for Mini Jem and Kingfisher owners.
Speed Scene: 750MC Kit Car Challenge dates, news of Phil Wadsley, photo of Keith Norris's Mk. I Mini Marcos at the 1991 Birkett Relay Race.
Here's the Solution... Spray Time - adfvice on paints and spraying by Colin Jenkins.
Keeping Your Jem Cool! by Ian Smith.
Swap Box: Mike Perkins on the A+ gearbox.
Wiring Your Mini Marcos Part 3 - adapting the loom by Richard Porter.

June 1992

Covers: John and Pat Marr's newly restored Mk. III Mini marcos, TBD 809G at Stoneleigh; Phil Wadsley's Modsports Jem at Oulton Park.
MMOC Technical Manual 2nd Edition now available from John Dickens.
Show Reports: Stoneleigh 1992. Photos of Colin Wrigglesworth's Jem and Andrea Richardson's Mini Marcos which was the first Mk. V to make a show appearance.
Jem Talk by Colin Wrigglesworth. Mini Jem headlamp covers now available. Missing Jems - where are they now? Photo of Mk. 2 Jem DOU 53K at the Newark Kit Car Show in 1986, and front of WXC 532K with custom graphic on the bonnet bulge.
Time Machine - twenty-five, ten and five years ago.
Minifest 91 - A Jem at the Australian Mini 30 Celebrations by Paul Mitchell (Part 2), with more photos of the Jem, a Unipower and a one-off special called the "Jackson".
Getting what you want - getting the right Mini bits by Stef Jones.
MMOC Annual Rally at Curborough: preview and booking form. Photo of unidentified Mk. III Mini Marcos on a driving test.
The Rise and Fall of PCX 349 Part 2 by Olof Ekman.
FLIRT Quiz - the answers.
Mini + Marsh add up to a longways racer with a sideways engine by L. J. K. Setright, reprinted from the December 1967 issue of Qcar. Photos of the '67 Le Mans car.
Photo: Mini Marcos at Monza in 1966.
Speed Scene: Dean Robertson, Mike Bastiano, Colin Murchie, Phil Wadsley, Paul Richards, John Dickens, Nick Day, Jim Vokes, Charles Colledge, Ian Head, Keith Norris and Henrik Hansson all get a mention.
Skinners Union! (SU Carburetters to you) by Mike Shilvock. Stef Jones replies.
Here's the Solution... Starting to get Problems - Mike Perkins on electrics.
Keeping your Timing - Derek Furnues talks about timing chains.

November 1992

Covers: Adrian Young's Mini Marcos Mk. V, G634 GWO at Curborough; Henrik Hansson's Mini Marcos Mk. III, PCT 402.
Communiqué: Algebra and the art of Mini Marcos Mechanics - Paul Lethbridge continues the story of the 48-hour rebuild car, UDE 489H.
Letters: Dave Chivers on the Annual Rally, with a photo of Dave's Coupé on the autotest; "Saved from the Grave" - Dave Stephens buys Richard Green's Jem, MCY 30G, formerly 625 DCY.
Ups and Downs of Life - an unnamed member from Bolton and a car called "Lucy".
Show Reports - 12th International Mini Meeting at Terwolde, London - Brighton Mini Run and Classic Car Run. Photos of Ogle 630 GLE and Colin Wrigglesworth's Jem, SNF 146K
Regalia: new vynil Mini marcos logos and stainless steel door trims.
Minutes of the 1992 Annual General Meeting, and Financial Statement.
MMOC Annual Rally, Curborough 1992 - report and photos.
Photo of Neighbours actor Kristian Schmid with Mk. V Mini Marcos at the factory.
Getting the Most (and Keeping it!) - Stef Jones visits top dyno man, Peter baldwin.
Dairy of a Rebuild, part 2 by Guy Hayward.
Speed Scene: wins for Ian Head and Phil Wadsley, plus more on the championships.
Here's the Solution... Putting Paint to Work - Part 2 by Colin Jenkins.
Mini Marcos Mk. V - Rear Subframe Fitment by John Dickens.
Got the 'blues' from too much 'rock and roll'? Derek Furnues talks about engine stabilisers.

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