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January 1993

Covers: Melanie Newman's Mini Jem Mk. 2, TMJ 147K; Dean Robertson at Curborough in Mk. II Mini Marcos, JDV 701E.
What Price Insurance? - Martin Cooke of Bain Clarkson Ltd.
Show Reports: West Wilts Weekend. MMOC wins Classic Car magazine's "Best Club Event 1992" Roger Garland and Adrian Young receive the cup. Full report of the Marcos factory visit and Mini World Action Day at castle Combe Circuit.
Forthcoming events: rolling road visit and 14th IMM in Offenburg.
International Marcos Meeting, Sweden 1992. Full report and photos, including Olof Ekman's fully restored Mini Marcos Mk. III (see Mag. 46).
Åkkomforten är obefintlig - Marcos meeting report in Swedish.
Club Spares - discount on Gunson's equipment.
Speed Scene: Philias Frogs and Mainly Marcos Mayhem teams do battle in the Birkett Six-hour Relay Race at Snetterton.
Here's the Solution... Stef Jones on roll cage construction.
Making the Right Connections - Richard Porter on making up cables, with some supplememtary material by Stef Jones.
Battery Care by Stef Jones.

March 1993

Covers: Mike Shilvock's award-winning Mini Marcos, TYP 738F; club stand at Newark Kit Car Show.
Jem Talk - moulds back in circulation. Photo of Mike Phillips and Bob Stevens with John Gerry, Andy Bettles and the Mk. 3 body mould.
Historically Speaking: obituary of Paul Emery by Paul Lethbridge, with photo of the Emery G.T. and Dizzy Addicott's D.A.R.T.
Here we Show again - Stoneleigh preview.
MMOC Annual General Meeting announcement and Annual Rally preview.
The Heritage Motor Centre - Roger Garland invites members to the CMI/MMOC Annual Rally at the newly opened Gaydon facility. Photo of modified Mini Marcos Mk. IV, VRK 922M.
Book Review: Mike Shilvock reviews "Race and Rally Source Book" by Alan Staniforth. Diagram of a "NACA" duct.
Castrol/CCC Converted Car of the Year: Mike Shilvock's Mini Marcos Mk. IV, TYP 738F.
Here's the Solution... Stef Jones gets to grips with the MNini clutch.
Even more polymeric epistles - Mike Perkins with a few addenda to his article in Magazine 44.

November 1993

Covers: Melanie gets ready for battle; Mini Marcos on the grid for the 1993 Six-hour Classic Sportscar Race at Spa Francorchamps.
Editorial: Roger Garland introduces this fill-in edition of the Magazine.
Showa and Events 1994 Preview: should we have a club rally?
Four Peaks Challenge: Dave Lewis preparing a Marcos team.
Bonnet Info: appeal for assistance with replacement bonnet.
Viewpoint: letter from Club Chairman, Ian Hayward, with a questionnaire about the club. Stef Jones resigns as editor.
Realise Your Dream: Castle Combe Racing School.
Letter from Erik and Lies Wijn in Holland, with photo with their Mini Marcos Mk. IV.
Fuel Worries: concerns and problems with changes to petrol composition.
Snetterton Six Hour Relay Race, with photo of Charles Colledge's slightly damaged Mini Marcos (ADM 423A) after last year's race.

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