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February 1994

Covers: Mini Marcoses on the Karussel, Nürburgring Nordschleife.
Editorial: Roger and Melanie own up to their 'secret' marriage.
Letters: including a photo of Stuart Forsyth's Taylorspeed Jem, RWW 019.
International Mini Meeting: the club tour which visited Spa Francorchamps, the Nürburgring, the Rosso Bianco Sportscar Museum, Sinsheim Museum and the Schlumpf Collection as well as the IMM at Offenburg.
Show Reports: London-Brighton Mini Run, Classics at Alexandra Palace and Newark '93.
Forthcoming Shows, with a picture of Billy Minto's modified Mini Marcos (Q469 SDS) at Stafford in 1993.
Hillclimb Report from Malta by Antonella Muscat, with photo of her Mk.II Mini Marcos.
Charriots of Desire by Jon Efford.
A Dream Realised at Castle Combe: Philip Arthey signs on at the racing school.
The Saga of a Kingfisher Sprint by Bob Cutting, with a photo of his car.
First Time Racing by Henrik Hansson: the Swede talks about his first few races, with a photo of his superb Mk. III Mini Marcos.
Historic Marcos Register by Per Haegermark, with a list of early Mini Marcos racing performances.
Bomnet Mould Update: members offer assistance.
Here's the Solution.... Now What's the Problem: tracking.
Rolling Road Visit: club night out at Auto Technique, Luton.
Marcos Press Release: Dubai Motor Show and Assembly Plant.

April 1994

Covers: Rear and front three-quarter views of Derek Watts's Mk. IV Mini Marcos, DWB 758V.
Letters: photo of Colin Johnstone's Mini Marcos before restoration.
Show Reports: Stafford Kit Car Show, with photo of Colin Hedgcock's newly completed Mk. 2 Mini Jem.
Members Cars: Mini Marcos Mk. IV (DWB 758V), Owner - Derek Watts, Birmingham.
Historically Speaking: The Evolution of the Kingfisher Sprint by Paul Lethbridge. Photo of factory car, 819 VHN.
Gilles Mobile: photo of Gilles Baillarguet's Mk. IV Mini Marcos.
The Power of the (Caravan?) Club by Steve Reynolds.
Mini Tips... with photo of Neil Roscoe's former TransXL Mini Marcos.
Technically Speaking: Phil Lockett on the A-Series.
Assorted Opportunities: show news, with photo of the club display at the 1993 Cheshire Kit Car Show.
Mini Marcos Rear Beam: factory ad with exploded diagram.

June 1994

Covers: (B&W) Marcos LM500 race cars and transporter.
1993 Rally Round-up, including standing quarter mile times.
1994 Annual General Meeting.
Colour: Marcos Car Park at cadbury World, Jem Marsh with the prizewinners at the 1993 Annual Rally.
The Marcos Rally 1994: details of the combined Marcos clubs event at Curborough and Gaydon.
Colour: photos taken at Gaydon during the 1993 Abnual Rally.
Colour: celebrations at Silverstone in 1989 for the Mini's 30th Birthday Party.
Team Marcos News Release: BRDC National Sports GT Championship.

November 1994

Covers: Club line-up at one of the shows, Pete Crudgington's "Granny Smith Racing" Mini Marcos, SYC 472W.
Members Cars - Part One: The Life and Times of LJE 998G, owner Richard Williams.
Members Cars - Part Two: Mini Marcos Mark IV - SYC 472W, owner Peter Crudgington.
Membership Matters: Richard Porter takes over as Membership Secretary.
Classic Car Insurance: UK Market Trends.
Caption Competition: some entries.
Colour: Peter Fenne in his Mini Marcos Mk. IV at Curborough; John Crowson on the auto test with his Mk. III; Pete Crudgington repairs a pulled tie rod; Helen Norris in Stef Jones's Mini Marcos Mk. III.
Autotest Results from the Marcos Rally.
The Marcos Rally 1994: reports by Dave Chivers and Roger Garland.
Aston Martin Test Results and Cruise 'n' Quiz winners.
Colour: MMOC Weight Wathcers Group; wet weather at Gaydon; Members' Choice winners; Mark Chatfield's open top Mini Marcos.
Mini World 1994: Andy Wright at the Castle Combe Action Day.
Eurotravels by Marc O'Smini.
Technically Speaking: Andrew Vart on Veneering.
Fitting the "Hot Hatch" - Richard Porter gets to grips with the heated rear window.
Club Spares: New Heated Rear Screens.

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