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Feb - April 1995

Covers: Colourful Jems and Marcos in a garage, but whose? Chris Marsh with the Mini Marcos "spit" at Westbury.
Membership Matters - includes breakdown of club cars by marque and mark.
Chariots of Desire (Part Two) by Joe Efford.
Members Cars: Mini Marcos Mk. IV, KRS 511V by Craig Perrie.
Forthcoming Events: including IMM and Le Mans.
Colour: Club line-up at Château de Chanteloup, Le Mans; the club tent at Stoneleigh (probably).
Colour: Mark Nolan's Mk. 1 racer (6007); Mini Marcos brochures and memorabilia.
Auto Biagraphy: First race - First Win by Stef Jones - Geoff Mabbs wins first time out at Castle Combe.
Letter: Rabbits Ruin Christmas by Paul Blakey.
Colour: goings-on at the 1994 Rally; excellent club display at Newark.
Colour: Club cars at Sandown Park Mini Show, courtesy of Craig Perry, Colin Hedgecock and Richard Porter.
Report: 1st National Mini World Show by Craig Perrie and Richard Porter.
Report: Beaulieu Autoswamp by Phil Arthey.
Weighting About on Corners - article on suspension setup.
AGM 1994: Minutes and Accounts.
Racing Torque: report by Geoff Dunlop, NSW, Australia (MM7057).

May-June-July 1995

Covers: Ruth Rose with Mini Marcos and a big, fat pig; LM600 Le Mans car.
Imelda - The Shell From Hell by Philip Arthey.
Forthcoming Shows: includes Annual Rally at Sandown Park and Thruxton.
Photo: Mini Marcos at the town centre weighbridge prior to the 1966 Le Mans race.
Preview: Le Mans 24-Hour Race and Club Trip, 1995.
Photo: Mini Marcos at the town centre weighbridge prior to the 1967 Le Mans race.
Members' Cars: Mini Marcos Mk.III, NLJ 125M by Keith and Ruth Rose.
Jem Talk: Phil Wadsley's success in BARC Championship.
Members' Cars: Mini Marcos Mk.IV, THL 560S by Mark and Joanne Goonan.
Colour: Mark and Joanne Goonan's Mk.IV; Karen Lee paints a Mini Marcos tee-shirt for Linda John.
Colour: Mini Marcos at Le Mans, 1967; LM600 leads a de Tomaso Pantera.
A Spy in the Old Works - The Story of Marcos by Mike Smith.
Membership Matters: includes regional and international distribution.
Product review: Ring Micro Line lamps by Richard Porter.
Colour: JZR rolls spectacularly at Castle Combe action day.
Colour: high performance engines including Aldon 8-port head.
A Tribute to Frank Costin who died earlier in the year.
Continuous Licensing - new government proposals by Richard Porter.
Special Offers: Mini Sport Ltd., Mini Spares Center Ltd.
Marcos LM500 1:43 scale model by Western Models.

Sept-Oct-Nov 1995

Covers: Chris Marsh, Marcos LM500 at the end of the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race, Richard Porter's Mini Jem outside its birthplace at Penn.
Mad About Mini Marcos - 2 by Craig Perrie (KRS 511V).
Members' Cars: Mini Marcos Mk. III - UMO 211G (7325) owned by Paul Buckmaster.
Retention of Original Registration Numbers by Roger Garland.
Marcos to the Flag - Le Mans press release from the factory.
Le Mans 1995 Gossip Column.
Colour: Château d'O, Château de Chanteloup.
Colour: Sandown Park - Mini Skirts and Mini Marcos, Thruxton.
Annual Rally Report - Sandown Park and Thruxton.
Tim Burkin's Car - and Tim Burkin by Phil and Imelda Arthey.
International Mini Meeting at High Chaparral, Sweden by 'Marc O'Smini'.
Colour: Thomas Hall with Mini Marcos at Anderstorp Raceway, Marcos LM600s and LM500 at Thruxton.
Colour: Roger Garland's 689 DOG and YAC 36S.
Secrets from the Secretarial Shed by Roger and Melanie.
Racing Torque - Michael Hauck writes about his experiences on (and off) the circuit.
Jem Talk: news roundup by Bob Stevens.

December 1995

Covers: Mini Marcos models, Mini-invasion i Småland.
Members' Cars: Mini Marcos Mk. III (7052), owner Folkert Bouncken from Hamburg.
Good News for Old Timers - tax exemption for cars over 25 years old.
Membership Matters: includes survey of Mini Marcos body numbers.
Mini Marcos Models: three letters from members.
Colour: Mini Diorama, 1:130 Mini Marcos gets a piggy-back ride from 1:43 scale Jem resin kit.
Colour: Marcos garage at Le Mans, "Pass the Bottle" party game.
A Spy in the Old Works - The Story of Marcos (continued from magazine 56) by Mike Smith.
Show Report: First International Swiss Mini Meeting at Morges by Richard Porter.
The Refettling of Mustard - A Mk. IV Mini Marcos in need of T.L.C. by Phil Smethurst.
Colour: Phil Smethurst's "Mustard" Mini Marcos, and a Mini fan.
Colour: Bob Stevens and a man with a long nose, club line-up at Stoneleigh.
Racing Torque: The Mini World Hillclimb at Pestalozzi by Pete Crudgington.
Technical Torque: Metro Brakes - a Stage Further by Keith Rose.
Low Lead, but Keep Your Head.
Mini Marcos sous la Manche - Richard Porter tries out the Channel Tunnel.

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