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Mar-Apr-May 1996

Covers: Michael Hauck's Mini Marcos Mk. I; Corgi model ad from Japan.
Ragged Retired Rotund Racer Rekindles Retro 'Ring Race Recollections - Stef Jones at Nürburgring with Michael Hauck.
Club Survey: Engine Size.
Details of Annual General Meeting.
Specialist Insurance Services: Footman James and Bain Hogg.
Gatefold: Tony Carlsson's line drawing of his Mini Marcos Mk. V, GJH 154N.
Points and Prefixes - kit car registration.
Chariots of Desire (Part Three) by Jon Efford.
Secrets from the Secretarial Shed: steering rack U-bolts.
Technical Torque: brake and clutch pedal lubrication.
D.I.Y. Roll Cage Development by Colin Murchie.

June-July-Aug 1996

Covers: Nick Evans's Mini Jem, GTL 597N; "Ein kleiner Plastikvollblüter" - Peter Ecury's Mk. III Mini Marcos YCX 964M.
Pillow Torque: Sleep Tight at Night by Roger Young (garage locks).
American Dream Machine by Paul & Pauline Lethbridge - attempting to import YMH 176H into USA. Also photo of '91 Stoneleigh rebuild car UDE 489H.
Colour: Mini Marcos YWO 849J in Japan, Marcos LM600 race car, Engine bay of Nicky Paul-Barron's Mini Marcos Mk. V TJI 8779, and a kingfisher.
Six Lap Wonder: Thomas Erdos and Cor Euser qualify for Le Mans.
Members' Cars: Mini Marcos Mk. III, RAX 88G, owners: Guy and Ian Hayward.
Photo: Mini Dart prototype at Wroughton.
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, May 1996 at Stoneleigh.
Colour: Mini marcos Gullwing, SLG 565D, owner Mike Cawley; Mini Marcos Mk. IV, Q262 YUJ, owners Dave and Tim Evans; front of Mini Jem JNU 463H with Colin Wrigglesworth; Mini Jem packed with boxes for export to France.
A Magic Find of a Mini Jem by Julian Thompson.
GT Racing: Marcos press release.

Sept-Oct-Nov 1996

Covers: Club cars at Brooklands and Thruxton.
Colour: cars and owners at Brooklands, cavalcade at Thruxton.
Brooklands: some correspondence.
Discount: 20% from Automotive Cooling, Redditch.
A Day at the Races (Annual Rally Part 2)
Historic Oldtimer Racing - club members visit the Nürburgring.
Club Constitution.
Ever Considered Fostering ... Paul Frieda's Mini Marcos Mk. III, ex-factory demonstrator 370 JEA.
The Rise and Rest of a Dutch Mini Marcos Part One by Erik Wijn.
Chariots of Desire (Part Four) by Jon Efford.

Winter 1996

Covers: Mini Marcos Mk. IV, BBK 1968, owner: Alan Hart; The Great British Sportscar: Mini Marcos Mk. III drawing by Tony Carlsson.
Colour: Mini Jem publicity photos.
Letters: including one from Hot Car, May 1969, from Noel Edmonds, and photo of him with Mini Jem PMY 631F.
The Rise and Rest of a Dutch Mini Marcos Part Two by Erik Wijn.
Out for a Duct? Article on NACA ducts by Mike Kerry.
Interesting Developments: Alec Issigonis and the Mini.
Members' Cars: Keith's K-series Kingfisher, owner: Keith Rose.
Keep Your Cool: article on Radiators from CCC in '73.
Mini Marcos at Spa and Zandvoort by Roland Stoffel.
Colour: Robert Maes's racing Mini Marcos Mk. III; Keith Rose's garage with Mini Marcos NLJ 125M, Mini Jem VXG 520J and Kingfisher Sprint.

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