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New Year 2001

Covers: Euregio Meeting line-up at the Eurotech Factory.
Letters: Michael Hauck has sold 6019.
Tales from the Dales by Mike Weaver (LPO 891D).
Marcos rear Engined, Part two by Mike Shilvock (colour).
Three Wheels on my Wagon - ABC Tricar by John Byfield.
Marcos Euregio Meeting, 10 Sept. 2000 by Maarten Krikken with colour photos by Marjan Vanhammel and Melanie Garland.
Trailers for Sale or Rent by Ian Hayward and Andy Wright.
Mini Marcos Mk. I Dashboard by Brian Gent.
Show Briefs: West of England Kit Car Show, Malvern; Midland Mini / Stock Car Meeting; Mini In The Park (colour).
English Regional Groups.
Membership Matters: Melanie Garland takes back the portfolio.
Cars For Sale: including the ex-John Dickens racer and Mike Shilvock's rear engined racer.

Spring 2001

Covers: Yorkshire Kit Car Show, Harrogate (2000), Marcos Mantaray.
Colour: Colin Hedgecock's Mini Jem Mk. 2, now owned by Richard Porter.
Could this be the End of the Road for Marcos? by Roger Garland.
The Bastiana Racer by Roger Garland.
Singapore Rescue Mission by Andrew Fairgrieve.
Finding out about Mk.I and II Models by Brian Gent.
Colour: Peter Hanman's Mk. III racer restored for road use, Mk. III at the Marcos Euregio Meeting.
A Cold Day in December - Malvern Christmas Mini Show by Ian Hayward.
Notes of Committee meeting on 17th December at Malvern.
Annual General Meeting Agenda.
Colour: Marcos Rally, Donnington; Newark Kit Car Show; Mini In The Park; Mini Worlld Action Day, Castle Combe (all 2000).
Combined Marcos Clubs Annual Rally 2000 by Roger Garland.
Unleaded Problems and how to Avoid them (courtesy of Minipower).
List of UK filling stations stocking leaded fuel.
Note from the Association of Mini Clubs on agreed value insurance.
Marcos Mantaray - factory hand-out (the last?).

Summer 2001

Covers: Yorkshire Kit Car Show at Harrogate; Allan Jeffery's Kingfisher Sprint Turbo.
Editorial: new editor - Ian Hayward.
Letter: Jean Van der Linden's Mini Marcos Mk. IV (colour photo).
Marcos in Mini-ture - '66 Le Mans models available from the club.
Mike Brown's £1,000 Mini Marcos Mk. IV, GOW 412X.
Colour: photos from Stoneleigh Kit Car Show including Allan Brown's Freestyle, Mike Brown's Marcos and the ex-Richard Loewenstein Sabre Sprint.
Ahh Stoneleigh - Dave Evans's report on the show (colour photo).
AGM 2001 - minutes, accounts and Treasurer's report.
Press Release - Marcos assets bought by Rory McMath's Marcos Heritage Spares.
To Be or Not to MOT by Ian Hayward.
Marcos wins Spanish GT Championship.
Cheshire Kit Car Show - report.
Spares - windscreen price increase, more heated rear screens sourced.
Colour: Mini Marcos in Paris (2792RY94), Monster Mini Van.
Ian Guest's Mini Marcos Mk. III, NWF 550M (colour photo).
MMOC Weekend in North Devon - invitation.
Harrogate Kit Car Show - report.
Colour: Erik Wijn's revamped Mini Marcos Mk. IV, 91-FE-47.

Autumn 2001

Covers: MMOC Wins at Newark, Mike Perkins's new Midas.
Letters: Mystery Bracket, Model Cars.
Show Briefs: West of England Kit Car Show, Malvern.
Mini Marcos Mk. III - UOT 106H by Alan Hitchcock.
I-Spy (colour) - cars in Finland, Belgium and Sweden.
Speed Kills!! - Speedcheck SVVD or SPECS.
Anyone for Quackers? - bike engines.
Sprint Circuit Special - Marcos Owners at Curborough.
Centre spread: colour photos of Curborough.
Try a Yellow Lid On - Mike Perkins's Midas 2+2.
Talking a Good Marcos - Dave Norris's Mk. IV, XND 225S with colour photos.
Come on Down - Newark Kit Car Show with colour photos.
SVA and all that Jazz.
Alternative Minis - Ogle SX1000.

Winter 2001

Covers: Club line-up at Mini World Action Day, Castle Combe; Richard Delaney's ex-Chris Cox Mini Marcos Mk. IV, TVF 99W.
Just Add Water - Ray Green and Adrian Blackburn report on the Targa Rally in New Zealand with Adrian's Marcos Ireland Mk. III.
All Action on the Action Day - Hugh Rynall reports on the Mini World track day at Castle Combe.
Marcos Euregio Meeting - event organiser Maarten Krikken reports on the successful event at Bokrijk. Colour photos can be found on this site.
How to Fit Doors - Ian Hayward on Mini Marcos portal problems.
Mike Perking responds to the "Speed Kills" article.
SVA Experiences - Mike Perkins lists his rec9llections of the test and passes on some good advice.
Club Weekend Away in Ilfracombe - Lindsay Delaney gives her reflections on the the weekend, with colour photos. Not a Marcos in sight!
Donegal Hillclimb - Hazel Miller reports.
Jem Around Australia - Paul Mitchell brings us up to date on his travels down under.
Coccia Racing - Elio and Roberto Cocciarelli report on the 2001 Historic GT Series in which they won the 1300 championship and finished second overall.
A Guide to Road and Rally Timing by Paul Jones, with a photo of Steve Rogers's rally-prepared Mk. III Mini Marcos.

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