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Spring 2002

Covers: Roland Stoffel's Mini Marcos with classic car company; Calum Lockie (just visible) at the start of the Daytona 24-Hour race.
Mini Briefs - Andy Vanko with mini-Mini Jem.
Readers' Letters: door modifications, Frans Carate's Mini Marcos Mk.III, DR-42-04, converted to left hand drive.
A Belgian Mini Marcos in France by Roland Stoffel.
Show reports: Cool Yule Mini Show and Mini Christmas Show (with Eric Fossie's Midas Gold.
Calum Lockie denied second place at Daytona - race report by Paul Lawrence.
Jem Around Australia (Part 2) by Paul Mitchell with colour centrefold.
Are You Sitting Comfortably ... fitting new Richfield seats by Ian and Guy Hatward.
The Pound, The Euro and the MMOC - membership renewal by Roger Garland.
Letter in German from Helmut Craasch.
Another Success Story: Simon Robinson's Mini marcos Mk.III, No.7305, 307 DAB.
Annual General Meeting: Agenda

Summer 2002

Covers: Erik Wijn and Frank Morskate take the honours at Kinross IMM.
Readers letters: Geoff Dunlop talks about the 'Lolita'.
Mini Marcos Mk.3 - A Story by Andrew Fairgrieve (illustrated in colour).
Treasurer's Report and Statement for the Year 2001/2002.
Status Minus Maxi and 4R2 by Geoff King.
International Mini Meeting - Richard Porter reports from Kinross, Perthshire.
Jem Restyling Part 1 by Paul Mitchell (illustrated in colour).
A Guide to Rallying - Part 2.
Around the Shows - Auto Craft at Stafford and Stoneleigh Kit Car Show.
I-Spy: Some Minis with a difference and a Rochdale Olympic (colour).
5th Marcos Euregio Meeting - an Invitation from Maarten Krikken.
3rd Annual Weekend Getaway at Ilfracombe - Roger Garland has the details.

Autumn 2002

Covers: Mk.IVs of Mike Brown and Donald Dalton at Harrogate, Paul Mitchell's Jem during restyling.
Jem Talk: Operation Rear Hatch by Richard Porter (Part 1)
Colour: two photos of Elizabeth Nilsson's Mini Marcos Mk.III in Pitea, northern Sweden.
Publications: news of the Technical Manual.
Not Quite the Finnish Article - news from Finland.
Around the Shows: Harrogate.
Meanwhile from South Africa - an update from Ed Hurford.
Curborough Revisited: Richard Line and Phil Wadsley take on the Marcos Owners at the sprint venue.
Around the Shows: Newark 2002
Back in Issue 60 (or somebody loves it and where's my spray gun!!) - feature by Julian Thompson on his Mini Jem, XKH 159H.
Mini Specials: Status Symbol / Status Minipower.
A Bad Start!! or Hillclimbing in a Mini Marcos by Allan Brown.
Euro Events: IMM Italy 2003 near Parma.
I Spy: Ian Johnson's Mk.III Mini Marcos, Geoff King's Ultima, Ranger Cub and Mike Brown's Mk.IV Mini Marcos.
Cars for Sale: full page photo of Richard Line's TransXL Mini Marcos.
Marcos in Mini-ture - 1:43 '67 Le Mans car and more 1:130 Mini Marcos from Japan.

Winter 2002

Covers: Euregio Meeting, Kastel Baexem; Christmas card.
Jem Talk: Operation Rear Hatch by Richard Porter (Part 2)
Letters: Henrik Hansson's Mini Marcos sold to Belgium (picture)
Goodwood Festival of Speed by Andy Wright.
Special bolts for kit-car builders.
Mini Jem Madness - article on the Mini Jem from a US magazine.
Photo spread and article on Don Ernst's racing Mini Jem by Rick Feibusch.
Scandinavian Secret Unveiled by Roger Garland - a Mk.III in central Sweden, in a garage we know well, but no names are mentioned!
Best Little Show in Oxfordshire - report on Mini In The Park by Ian Hayward.
5th Marcos Euregio Meeting at Kasteel Baexem - Richard Porter reports.
A Bit of an Off - Elio Cocciarelli's Mini Marcos ends up in the kitty litter.
Jem Restyling part 2 by Paul Mitchell.

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