Mini Jem Mk. 2, RS M2 1148, 3931 GZ 90 (F), Owner: Aurelien Bini

Front   Front right   Engine

Rear right   Left side   Interior
This car has been undergoing an extensive restoration over several months and was shown off at the 2008 International Mini Meeting at Lelystad.

The car spec is:
1275 A+ engine std bore 12HD21, 12g940 head 35/29 stage 3, compression ratio 11:1, Kent 276 cam
single SU HIF44 carb with stubstack and ITG filter
3.44 final drive with economy drop gears (equivalent to 3.19 f.d.)
Cooper S brakes 7.5" discs, alloy rear drums, in-line pressure regulator
Yokohama A032R tyres. (photos: A. Bini)

More pictures of the restoration can be found on Mini Racing.

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