Mini Jem Mk. 2, , E-3927 (M), Owner: Mario Aquilina

before   pic 2   pic 2

Mario Aquilina's Mk. 2 Jem basking in the Malta sunshine, and before it's restoration. Mario writes:

"My Jem now has Cooper S disk brake and when turning full left or full right the wheel will touch the mudguard. I am going to fit the drums which it had before so that I have more clearance. Have you heared any like my case? The engine is a 1275 with twin SUs and it is fast. When I bought it it had an 850!!!!!

"All was made by me, except the respray, some 10 years ago. I had removed the paint as it had hairline cracks in the gelcoat, not the underlying fiberglass, so I opened them with a broken sawblade and filled again with gelcoat."

The link on each picture displays a larger image in a new window. (Photos: M. Aquilina)

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