Mini Marcos Mk. 3, 7278, MBX 246H (GB), Owner: Martyn Trowton

front   side   rear

Martyn Trowton writes:

"The paint and surface are not 'show condition' but at least its back on the road. First registered in 1969, I have been told it had been someones daily transport before being stored for a couple of years. It was then sold to a friend of mine who had it on his drive for 2-3 years. When I obtained it the rear sub-frame was rotten and the interior stripped. Worse still, where steel plates had been overmoulded in the body they had turned to dust and de-laminated the glass fibre. I have had many unpleasant hours angle grinding the body, before relaying!

"I installed an MG Metro engine and so-far it runs well, I am going to fit a hotter thermostat for the winter as the engine runs cool (50° C, the radiator fan engages at 70° C). The rear wing is only aesthetic (not aerodynamic) but it is somewhere to park the cups of tea on a picnic!"

The link on each picture leads to a page with a larger image. (photos: M. Trowton)

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