Mini Marcos Mk. 3, 7445, FAN 2J (GB), Owner: Martin Bragg

Martin Bragg writes:

“Chassis no. 7445 was first registered November 1970 as FAN2J. I have owned the car for about 13 years, bought as a shell. The car is fitted with a 970S unit, but the block is now a modified A+ unit. The engine is bored to 984cc, fitted with a Weslake 8-port head and twin 40DCOEs, producing 96bhp at 7600rpm.

“Gearbox is the 3 synchro type fitted with straight cut gears, drop gears and LSD. Cooper S discs and Super Minifins perform the braking and the car sits on 5 x 10 Minilites and Yokohamas. The rear suspension is coil overs, with the front using the standard rubber with Hi-Los and adjustable shock absorbers.

“The car has a full roll cage and relevant safety equipment for hillclimb/sprint use and has been used several times during 2008. Apart from safety equipment, the car is all period components.”

Photo: M. Bragg

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