Mini Marcos Mk. IV, ATU 608B (GB), Owner: Dealer (I)

In showroom
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Left: Michael Kaufmann spotted this car for sale by a classic car dealer in Italy priced at around EUR 8,000!

"Very rare car, with english documents, driveable, RHD, with original 850 motor, also available 1000cc Cooper engine." In case you're interested...
Legend Cars s.r.l.
Via Castellana 194 b
I-30030 Mestre - Trivinano (VE)
1.Tel.: +39 - 329 / 2115798
2.Tel.: +39 - 335 / 8450084
Fax: +39 - 41 / 721957

The other three photos were submitted some time ago and I've lost the details, so if you owned this car please get in touch. -RP

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