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BMC 9X Mini Prototypes, 1969 to 1978

Top row, left: The 1969 9X was designed by Alex Issigonis as a possible replacement for the Mini. It's a two-door hatchback fitted with the 850cc '9X' aluminium engine which was 40% lighter than the existing Mini steel block engine. Suspension is by vertical struts at the front and torsion bars at the rear. The design gave increased passenger space within a smaller overall package and with the objective of a 5% lower price than the existing Mini. It never entered production.

The slightly more conventional looking 1976 9X Gearless (right) was an attempt to give the Mini engine sufficient torque to do away with the gearbox, although it does have a reverser. It was not successful and met the same fate.

Second row, left one of three ADO 20 production Minis modified to carry a 1500cc 9X engine in 1970. The car has vertical strut suspension and some aluminium panels.

Centre: 1978 9X Mini (GNP 677S)originally fitted with a 1500cc engine and gearless transmission. In 1982 this was replaced with a 970cc 9X engine and conventional gearbox.

Right: 9X engine in the 1978 car. This appears to have a steel cylinder block and alluminium head.

These prototypes are seen at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon. (Photos: R. Porter)

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