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The Mini based Biota GT is a front engine two seater open top sports car developed in the late 60s by racing driver John Houghton. It has a tubular steel space frame with GRP panels. This form of construction tends to be more time consuming to design and expensive to manufacture than an all GRP shell. It also takes longer to build and is more difficult to seal against water leaks, and combined with its open top design, it limits the Biota's use in the British climate. The flat glass screen, and the coil-over-shocks used on the rear suspension added to the cost of the car. About 30 cars were built between 1969 and the mid 70s when the project faded. An interesting design, and a lively performer on the road it never challenged the Lotus/Caterham Super Seven or the Westfield sports cars.

Top left: Making a rare appearance at a show, this Biota (along with a GTM) was on display at Mini In The Park at Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire on August 16th, 1998.

other photos: This then newly restored example is seen with its owner, Martin Hockley (lower right) from Redhill, at the Brooklands Mini Day on May 28th 2004. Martin has owned the car for 14 years. The last two photos show the car on the famous banked track under the Members’ Bridge.

(photos: R. Porter, text G. King)

Official Biota web site (temporary URL)

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