Found in a corner of the National Kit Car Show at the NAC, Stoneleigh in May 2001, this turns out to be a retirement project by Dave Ratner. The car is inspired by BL's ADO35 MG prototype which was designed as a replacement for the Midget, and is clearly influenced by the 'A' Series Berkeley Bandera. Perhaps traces of the Onyx Firefly can also be noticed. Dave writes:

"Been messing with Berkeleys for around 40 years got bored and decided that all the Berk needed was a complete redesign and it would be OK. So wider, deeper body 'proper' frame chassis and a 1275GT upfront. Apart from the Mini as a major donor, front mounted radiator and plumbing, door and boot locks plus longer gear lever all came from Metro. Non Berk-Mini stuff are seats - Richfield Seating Nottingham. Howley style manifiold and RC 40 exhaust system."

(photos: R. Porter)

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