Camber GT / Silhouette GT

Andy Clayton writes:

"I bought the car (FNU 400H) some years ago from the son of the engineer that headed the design project to produce the cars. (Maya Camber and Silhouette). It has been registered on the original green log book as a NERUS GT previously owned and used by Checkpoint Race and Rally. This company, as far as I can tell, were the distributors of the car. I was informed by the seller that this car was the original demonstration model and had been fitted with a Nerus tuned 1275 Cooper S engine with S disc brakes and fully trimmed interior. This car is logged as being Silver when the brochure only offers Red, Green and White. I am very keen on restoring the car."

This picture of the shell as bought has been tidied up a bit. The car would have Mk.I Mini door hinges and horizontally sliding windows. There's a picture of the earlier Camber GT in Peter Filby's Amazing Mini with the original (and illegal) low headlights. The cars were built by George Holmes at Camber Sands in West Sussex, hence the name. According to Filby the front end was redesigned and the car was renamed the Maya (see Maya GT). -RP

(lower image courtesy of A. Clayton)

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