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De Joux (New Zealand)

An interesting Mini derivative from New Zealand. Simon Ingram writes:

"I was very surprised to see a picture of a De Joux kit car on your web site as there were suposedly only twenty built prior to 1970."

Paul Wilkinson adds:

"The creator Ferris DeJoux made six cars in 1971, before he moved on to other projects. The original moulds are still in existence and bodies are still available if somebody wants one. There have also been several moulds taken off other cars, cars made from these moulds are generally spotted by the lack of a proper moulded-in dashboard and often use a standard Mini front valance instead of a fibreglass one.

"There is a lot of speculation and misinformation about how many were built so no one can be certain but is likely that they numbered less than 20. Mini Dejouxs were made by cutting the bodies off a Mini and bonding the replacement shell to the floorpan. All original running gear is kept. I am currently restoring my second DeJoux and it is good to see them on your web site.

"The orange car was the first Mini DeJoux and was built using a Mini Cooper. It was sold to Japan a few years ago. It really is a stunning little car."

"The blue bomb is my car, which is currently under restoration. It is a car I sold almost ten years ago in good condition and bought back six months ago as a wreck! Many years ago I christened it Penfold after the cartood character Danger Mouse's cowardly sidekick, on account of it being blue and looking like a hamster! The body has been separated from the terminally rusted Mini floorpan and a new one is currently under construction."

(photos: Paul Wilkinson)

Kiwi Kracker

by David Cass

Read this magazine article scanned in four parts (557 kbytes total). I can't remeber who sent it but thanks and apologies for overlooking it until now. -RP.

See Warrick Robinson's De Joux, courtesy of Tom Parker, and also the same car on the Mini Car Club Auckland web site.

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