Le Mans '63   Le Mans '63

Chris Lawrence   Classic LM

Deep Sanderson 301

Top: DS 301 Prototype. Photo courtesy of Steve Hole, Total Kitcar.

Middle left: Quite different from the prototype, the production Deep Sanderson 301 is seen at Le Mans in 1963.

Middle right: Le Mans in 1963 - as the caption says, Chris Lawrence drove this 998cc 301 with Chris Spender. The car went off the track after 15 hours and failed to qualify. Lawrence entered a similar car, but with a 1293cc engine in the 1964 race, but this time co-driven by Gordon Spice. They retired after three hours with the engine overheating, a problem not uncommon with rear-mounted Mini units.

Bottom: This is the 1963 Le Mans car (no 66) which was totally rebuilt by Chris Lawrence (left) to compete in the Le Mans Classic meeting in 2004 (right).

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