Mk 1

Mk 2

GTM Rossa, Newark Kit Car Show, 1990

Andy Macukewicz writes:

"The picture you have on your excellent website (upper) is the GTM Rossa Mk.1 this was produced between 1987 and 1990. The car was based on two Mini front subframes, one at the front with drums or 8.4" discs and at the rear the Mini front subframe with the engine and the steering was locked off with special brackets and arms, but the toe in can be adjusted. Rossa

"In 1989/90 a revised Rossa Mk.2 was introduced with cosmetic changes to the front and rear mouldings which no had Sierra indicators with fog lights at the front and at the back Peugoet 205 rear light clusters were fitted. The revised panels are interchangeable between Mk.1 and 2 Rossas as the main tub stayed the same, a roll bar option was also marketed with Mk.2 and the A-Series Metro was added to the donor list so four pot vented discs can be fitted if early metro ball joints are fitted as with rear discs with a GTM handbrake caliper."

The lower photo above shows the first Rossa, R0001, which has been fitted with Mk.2 front and back ends. This car is currently owned by Peter Manning. The small photo is of Andy's car with the top off. Open the link on the photo for a larger image. (photos: R. Porter, A. Macukewicz)

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