Midas Bronze

Midas Bronze

MMOC member John Marr writes: "Not quite a MM, but nearly - it's a Midas Bronze. It's 1983 vintage, Old English White, 998cc A+, was factory built and needs TLC to the mechanicals - they're all rusted because it's sat outside since 1996. Here's a fairly recent photo.!"

Designed by Richard Oakes, the Midas was originally built by D & H Fibreglass Techniques Limited at Oldham, Lancs., following on from the Mini Marcos Mk. IV in 1981. The company later moved to Corby as Midas Cars Ltd.

The Mk. I, which became the "Bronze", was Mini-based: other models used the Metro subframes and running gear. After GTM acquired Midas the Bronze was sold on and marketed as the Midtec Bronze (see next photo).

(photo courtesy of J. Marr)

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