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Buckle Monaco

John Centrone writes: "My car is a 1966 Morris Cooper S running a worked 1293cc engine, 45DCOE, LCB extractors and custom made dual exit centre exhuast. It's known as a Buckle Monaco. Bill Buckle of Brookvale, Sydney was a 60s sports car manufacturer. Few are known to have survived of up to a possible 15 to 20 built.

"The windsceen pillars are tilted back and the height of the roof line is 3" lower. The Monaco retains the original boot, unlike the Broadspeed Mini. I have deseamed my car. It has featured in UK Mini Magazine as well as Australian publications."

Thanks to John for contacting us and sending the photos. The car previously shown as a Monaco is obviously something else but we know not.

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Last updated 30th May, 2008