Chris Hollier Mosquito

"Smudger" aka Matthew Smith posted this photo to the forum. He writes (with a few edits):

"I own a (Chris Hollier) Mosquito and have taken over the club. A CH Mosquito is a Mini based kit car, the Mini engine (mine is 1275 with an HIF 44) is in the back. The main body shell is exoskelton roll cage with a fibreglass nose cone hiding the fuel tank. Mini front subframes front and rear. Suspension is Spax coilovers all round, with standard Mini tie bars, bottom arms and steering rack. Metro 4 pot up front standard Mini drums on the drive shafts at back.  Cooling is with two rads sitting either side of the engine. Exhaust is a "one-off" by PECO is stainless steel."

(photo courtesy of Matthew Smith)

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