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Alastair Cox writes (including some notes provided on ebay): "I am selling one of Alan Staniforth's cars on e-bay. It is basically the commercial prototype for a road going version of the Terrapin but is in need of complete restoration. It has the usual space frame arrangement but has a very nice hand beaten aluminium body and about 90% of the production moulds for GRP panelling etc.

"Brief History:

"Developed for production by Bob Coats, Murray Rose and Allan Staniforth in 1969 and tested and raced by Allan Staniforth in 1971. The car was originally named Whippingham Wrogue and then briefly marketed by Sarcon Ltd. as a Scarab in 1972 before the company went into liquidation.

"The liquidated stock was then bough by my father and consisted of

  1. A sprint / hill climb car
  2. A road going sports car and
  3. a full set of chassis jigs and body moulds.

"The hill climb car was stripped and raced in the early 70s by Rick Branson before being sold on as a Mini special in flat panel racing trim.

"The sports car was driven on the road during the early 1970s by my father before being sold on. The body moulds were kept and the sports car bought back by myself in a derelict state during the 90s."

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