Siva Moonbug S1

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Left and centre: William Janssen's Dutch registered Moonbug is seen at the International Mini Meeting at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon in August 1999. 95 kits were made between 1970 and 1976, of which 52 were sold in the Netherlands. William writes:

"We found it in a farmer's barn just about 3 miles from my house, it was standing there for about eight years in this condition!! We bought it for a very nice price and took it home, and when we were looking at the mechanical parts of the car we noticed that lots of things needed to be renewed, like brakes, rubbers etc. and the complete wiring.

"We tried to find out if the engine turned over and it was running at the first turn of the key!!! (after 8 years) - lots of smoke but it was running and not bad at all.

"We decided to get the car ready before the IMM & MINI@40 with only nine weeks to go. There was no time for a test drive, so we drove it up to Gaydon and Silverstone completly stocked with parts and tools (you never know), but we did not need any of this, the buggy was running well and we did about 2000 kilometers in two weeks. After we had been back at home for three weeks and I tried to start it again the battery was flat!!

"The buggy is registered as "MOONBUG" (that's its name in Holland). It was first registered in Holland in 1972 and has a 1000cc engine. So far we have found out that there are not more then about three or four Siva Buggy's registered in Holland and we think this is the only one that's on the road!"

Right: Another Siva Buggy seen at Bingley Hall in 1999.

The link on each picture displays a larger image in a new window. (photos: R. Porter)

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