Whitby Warrior

Whitby Warrior   Rear

James Flynn writes:

"I own a mini alternative not listed and I know very little about it, I enclose a picture of it and if you have ever seen one before or know something about it I would very much appreciate hearing about it! I bought it off a chap from Devon on Ebay in 2004, he said he thought about 300 were made by Whitby Engineering and it is supposed to be called a 'Mini/Whitby Warrior' apparently made in the early 1980s but registered on a 1968 plate! It sat festering in my garage until six weeks ago when I decided it must go back on the road! I think the previous owner really went for the baby defender look with all the chequer plate, engine is a standard MG metro, metro turbo brakes, its a very practical little oddity!"

Thanks James. We had the Whitby Warrior on the list, but no picture until now. The 1968 plate probably came off a donor vehicle though obviously it's been updated a bit since the original build. "Baby Defender" is a good description!

The second photo was taken when the Warrior was spotted by your webmaster at the Stoneleigh Mini+WV Show on 8th April 2007. (Photos: James Flynn, Richard Porter)

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