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1.   Reply to Rob Roy Hillclimb Posted by: Phil Smethurst
Date Posted: January 19th, 2021, 04:28:04
Hi Neil,

thanks. The only time the car went on the rollers was for initial set up/needle profile at Minisport in the UK. I then sat the car under a tarp for some years before bringing it to Oz. I sued a friends AFR wideband gauge to set the car back up here after I'd messed with the mixture whilst cleaning the carb out of old fuel etc and this showed Minisport did a great job with the needle initially. I was told it was a BBC needle but have just removed it after my serious de-tune and change from Kent 296 to SW05-07 to find it was a reprofiled BDL needle and this has now been seriously reprofiled by me last week whilst trying to get the car running properly prior to Rob Roy. I struggled to find anybody who even sold SU needles for the HIF 44 never mind sorting it on a rolling road. Its also horrendously expensive over here for a R/R session. Fortunately my own AFR wideband and a couple of different needles (not used!) saw it sorted at the last minute. Fortunately I have a 1/4 mile uphill road at the end of the street so it got a good working out on Saturday for 10 separate runs/reprofiles to fix the lean top end. It still needs a bit more work but it didn't blow up on Sunday and the recent mods (1-2-3 programmable ignition, Club rad and fans, better bonnet, more std head and cam) have made it a much more civilized car that can genuinely be driven properly on the road with no issues. It lacks a bit more torque and the 3.4 diff doesn't help for competition but the driver needs a heap more work before the car needs to get faster for now. Round 2 entry for Bryant park, Haunted Hills on 13th Feb submitted yesterday....followed by the 2nd Victorian Marcos meeting (at the same venue) the day after.....Craig's going to have more stuff for the mag and hopefully I'll have a car still in 1 piece and ready for Round 3?!. Hopefully attached is a taste of what was running including this superb conversion of a Volvo 240GL with Corvette 6.0 LS3 motor.
2.   Reply to Rob Roy Hillclimb Posted by: Neil KilBane
Date Posted: January 18th, 2021, 12:36:42
Good man Phil.

Have you ever had the car on a rolling road ?

I've found that a session on the dyno with someone who knows what they are doing is money very well spent.
3.   Reply to Rob Roy Hillclimb Posted by: Phil Smethurst
Date Posted: January 18th, 2021, 03:51:33
After a few frantic nights (the clutch seal failed Thursday night) and running the car and filing a needle until 7:30pm Saturday night, yesterday we made it to Rob Roy Hillclimb for Rnd 1 of 2021. quite cold and a bit slick early on so 1st run was a second slower than the best last year but each consecutive run was quicker and ended up with a time just shy of 4 seconds quicker overall compared to last year, which I was quite pleased with after de-tuning the car to more road spec but it works better as package now and I can get it off the line better.
Only down side was the MG car club stuffing up my number in spite of registering #64 for the 2021 season so a dodgy sticky taped 72 was made up. All in all though a good day and a write up to go to Craig for the club mag in the very near future.  
4.   Reply to Specialist Components fuel injection system Posted by: Graham Bichard
Date Posted: January 16th, 2021, 19:34:38
Hi Bent.
I'd be interested in hearing more of the issues you had with the SC system, plus any photos you may have of the set up.
Unfortunately I don't really have much choice but to pursue this option (fuel injection and programmable ecu) to get the car through the IVA, so any hints and tips you have would be appreciated.
I'm a bit busy with work at the minute so not so much progress but hopefully in a few weeks this will change.
First question I have though is how/where did you choose to mount the fuel pressure regulator?  The instruction say not to mount this on the engine (makes sense) - I'm thinking of making a small bracket to mount to the bulkhead.

5.   Reply to Specialist Components fuel injection system Posted by: Bent Larsen
Date Posted: January 7th, 2021, 09:32:48
Hi Graham
Now, after months of trying, I managed to lock in.
It's probably my MM you've seen, I bought and mounted such a set from SC and it gave approx. 10hp.
But it was too sensitive / unstable - so I dismantled it again
6.   Reply to Rob Roy Hillclimb Posted by: Phil Smethurst
Date Posted: January 4th, 2021, 04:05:18
Bonnet shape can be seen better here before I painted the stripes on at 6pm the night before the hillclimb!.

Not doing much better this year......engine has been out for a road cam and road head swap and its not even been run yet and Rob Roy is 2 weeks away!.
7.   Reply to Rob Roy Hillclimb Posted by: Phil Smethurst
Date Posted: January 4th, 2021, 04:03:12
Sorry Graham with all the Covid madness and personal excitement at the kids returning to school and things returning to some sort of normality here I've not logged onto the forum for ages. My car initially seemed to suffer from overheating. I had a Mk1 Metro rad and an aftermarket fan (turned out to Chinese Ebay rubbish). Last Christmas I fitted the club ally rad and twin fans but thinking i may still struggle I decided to butcher the original bonnet mould and make a hot air outlet directly from the rad to come out over the bonnet.
It turns out that the fans were the issue and hence at Rob Roy last year the car sat in the line up in full sun and 30+ ambient and never looked like getting hot staying at 75-80 with fans cutting in out. I'll post some pictures of the new bonnet
8.   Reply to Specialist Components fuel injection system Posted by: Graham Bichard
Date Posted: January 3rd, 2021, 14:21:20
Right - decision made.

After trying to get my head around Siamese port injection and all that entails, I'm going to plump for the Specialist Components system.  I'm sure this won't come as a surprise to those that know my fear of electrics/electronics, and while it is still a 'cheat' (more of an electronically controlled carburettor than port injection) it does look to be much simpler to install.

In order to fit the megasquirt it is advisable to fit a trigger wheel - not in itself a huge job, but one that does need the engine mounts loosening/engine lifting to access.
Also required are as far as I can tell, replacement injectors.  In fact, in order to get enough fuel into the correct cylinder in the short amount of time available, others have had to resort to modifying the Rover MPI inlet manifold to house two additional injectors.  To run on a Siamese port engine the injectors need to be operated by the megasquirt in conjunction with additional code written specifically for a Siamese set up I believe - even with significant help this might be a little beyond me, if not for the physical install but the adjustment required afterward.
To operate correctly a second lambda sensor should also be used - one for the inner pair of cylinders, one to measure one of the outer cylinders - this would require a different exhaust manifold (or modification to the stainless item fitted which I can't do myself).

While there is still a noticeable difference in price, the megasquirt solution isn't quite as cheap as it first looked it might be when everything is considered.
And I'm taking the easy way out I think - while not as simple as 'plug-n-play', the SC solution is almost that easy (I hope - I've ordered it now!).
I do have a question over whether I can make the SC set up fit with the current bulkhead, with the air filter fitted.  We'll have to offer it up and see.  I've ordered a short stack (as is used with this electronic carb set up on turbo installations) in case I need to route a remote filter set up.

So there we go - that's what I've spent my limited Christmas free time doing.  I hope you've all enjoyed the Christmas break, and hopefully we can all look towards a better New Year.

Oh - and if anyone is interested in or thinking of using megasquirt on a Siamese port engine (A-Series, B-Series) I can recommend reading through the many posts on the Turbominis forum.  And if you were thinking of going the megasquirt route, Shaun O'Donnell was very helpful (and very patient as I tried to understand what he was telling me!).

Happy New Year to all.
9.   MK6 New shell build update Posted by: stevecrook
Date Posted: January 2nd, 2021, 15:22:25
Progress update on my MK6 build. Car inverted and supported on axle stands to fit fuel tank, rear subframe with running gear, brake / fuel lines and battery cables. Also fitted steering rack and test fit of front subframe. Headlining was easier to do while inverted as well. Wiring Loom labelled up.  Went through the IVA manual again. Most difficult job so far was rear subframe alignment and had to fit elbow grease nipples on the radius arms for access for future greasing. A third of the way through my task list so expect the build will be nearer 6 months rather than my predicted 4 months. Satisfying and enjoying doing the build again almost 40 years on from my MK4 build !
10.   Reply to Sadly for sale :-( Posted by: Craig_Scarborough
Date Posted: December 29th, 2020, 10:23:34
Is the car still for sale, please?
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