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Nick Harland
Posted on: April 25th, 2012, 22:19:40 Quote Report to Moderator
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Ive been working away on this as it is  project... thought id let you all into my work. any help or cc, welcome.

Heres some pictures.

My wee boy Cooper, driving while asking what engine is giong to be put in it! hes only 4. but hes mad about minis.

Bought these few years back... i really wish they were wider...  to fill the arches bit more.

Bodywork started, thought about just flatting it down and few coats of filler primer.... but figured i would go back to the gelcoat and do it right. ive ground out any craks and few bad repairs with lots of bodyfiller. (mainly on the nose cone) so that was all taken back off and ill be sorting that

Start of the modification on the rear hatch. im fixing shut the bootlid and having a open perpspex hatch. so more fibreglass and smoothing to be done here. will be laying matt on the inside for strength but need to find a good supplier of matt and resin locally.

oh yeah and bout this the other day... 998. not going to be a rocket to start with but makes it go! lol. plus im sure a stage1 and few tweeks will make it abit more driveable. until i figure out what i want to do.
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