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Posted on: August 12th, 2013, 16:42:24 Quote Report to Moderator
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Hi All,
I am going for the most questions of the month award!  
Whilst my brother and I were at Prescott yesterday, we had a quick sit in a MM, which had the original MM seats and were bolted to a 'dropped' or lowered floor. With both of us of 'Muscular' build (who am I kidding!), and 6 ft 2 we fit in quite nicely.

Could anyone tell me how to go about lowering the floor? I am assuming it would need to be reinforced?

Seat availability; I have read the other posts on the forum and seems the MM original seats are few and far between so can anyone suggest suitable seats that will fit, and enable both me and brother to fit (wider the better!).  I will be fixing them to the floor, as opposed to on runners.

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