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Neil Barr
Posted on: November 11th, 2013, 21:29:37 Quote Report to Moderator
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does anyone have a view on which area good coil overs to use please?
I suppose I can search the Spax website etc but wonder if anyone has a view.
I guess its simplistic to assume one size fits all. My rear subframe inherited with the car is a specially made job out of square section steel, not a mini frame.

Incidentally so we have a record of the longest time taken for a rebuild because I think I may be in contention; am I alone in thinking this !!!

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Grant Wilson
Posted on: November 12th, 2013, 19:56:53 Quote Report to Moderator
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hi Neil,

I think I will win the longest rebuild......have owned mine since about 2000 and apart from a few appearances on the road its spent more time on blocks than on tyres.

I fitted the rear beam axle and coil overs from Huddersfield spares.

how can I put this delicately.......the beam axle did not work and has now been replaced by a subframe. The beam axle came with coil over offset gaz adjustable shocks.

during a sprint meeting one of the coil overs snapped .

The actual cause will never be fully understood but did cause my car to get badly damaged  ( and the driver badly shaken up ).

The positive side was GAZ were very helpful and repaired the shock absorber. I have used the car since and the shock absorbers work very well.....so did the beam axle contribute to the crash....who knows ??

I have no hesitance in recommending the GAZ offset coil over shocks.

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