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  Author    Specialist Components fuel injection system  (currently 5,731 views)
Graham Bichard
Posted on: November 2nd, 2020, 20:23:29 Quote Report to Moderator
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Neil - you shouldn't be showing me things like that!  I'm going to have to google this now

(And no - I hadn't seen this (I don't do facebook, twitter etc)
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Graham Bichard
Posted on: November 14th, 2020, 18:18:58 Quote Report to Moderator
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Well, I've started doing (more) homework on this, prompted by some information from Shaun who's been very helpful.
To use the megasquirt will require a trigger wheel fitting - not essential (the MPi system can be used) but advised.  But reading about megasquirt on several forums has given me food for thought because of the Siamese port configuration.
This looks (early days in my learning remember) to ideally require two wideband lambda sensors to try and balance the mixture from inner and outer cylinders) and requires 'additional' code to work best.
I've read that Rover fitted the largest injectors they had for their range of cars to the MPi minis, to try and get enough fuel into the short open window of the 'paired' inlet valves.  So now the engine is modified, would even higher flowing injectors be required and if so, available?

Lot of questions, but I'm quite enjoying the distraction of trying to learn about all this.
So it'll probably be after Christmas in all honesty before I progress this, but lets see how we get on - I'll let you know!

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Graham Bichard
Posted on: January 3rd, 2021, 14:21:20 Quote Report to Moderator
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Right - decision made.

After trying to get my head around Siamese port injection and all that entails, I'm going to plump for the Specialist Components system.  I'm sure this won't come as a surprise to those that know my fear of electrics/electronics, and while it is still a 'cheat' (more of an electronically controlled carburettor than port injection) it does look to be much simpler to install.

In order to fit the megasquirt it is advisable to fit a trigger wheel - not in itself a huge job, but one that does need the engine mounts loosening/engine lifting to access.
Also required are as far as I can tell, replacement injectors.  In fact, in order to get enough fuel into the correct cylinder in the short amount of time available, others have had to resort to modifying the Rover MPI inlet manifold to house two additional injectors.  To run on a Siamese port engine the injectors need to be operated by the megasquirt in conjunction with additional code written specifically for a Siamese set up I believe - even with significant help this might be a little beyond me, if not for the physical install but the adjustment required afterward.
To operate correctly a second lambda sensor should also be used - one for the inner pair of cylinders, one to measure one of the outer cylinders - this would require a different exhaust manifold (or modification to the stainless item fitted which I can't do myself).

While there is still a noticeable difference in price, the megasquirt solution isn't quite as cheap as it first looked it might be when everything is considered.
And I'm taking the easy way out I think - while not as simple as 'plug-n-play', the SC solution is almost that easy (I hope - I've ordered it now!).
I do have a question over whether I can make the SC set up fit with the current bulkhead, with the air filter fitted.  We'll have to offer it up and see.  I've ordered a short stack (as is used with this electronic carb set up on turbo installations) in case I need to route a remote filter set up.

So there we go - that's what I've spent my limited Christmas free time doing.  I hope you've all enjoyed the Christmas break, and hopefully we can all look towards a better New Year.

Oh - and if anyone is interested in or thinking of using megasquirt on a Siamese port engine (A-Series, B-Series) I can recommend reading through the many posts on the Turbominis forum.  And if you were thinking of going the megasquirt route, Shaun O'Donnell was very helpful (and very patient as I tried to understand what he was telling me!).

Happy New Year to all.

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Bent Larsen
Posted on: January 7th, 2021, 09:32:48 Quote Report to Moderator
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Hi Graham
Now, after months of trying, I managed to lock in.
It's probably my MM you've seen, I bought and mounted such a set from SC and it gave approx. 10hp.
But it was too sensitive / unstable - so I dismantled it again

Last modified January 10th, 2021, 05:43:13 by Bent Larsen
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Graham Bichard
Posted on: January 16th, 2021, 19:34:38 Quote Report to Moderator
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Hi Bent.
I'd be interested in hearing more of the issues you had with the SC system, plus any photos you may have of the set up.
Unfortunately I don't really have much choice but to pursue this option (fuel injection and programmable ecu) to get the car through the IVA, so any hints and tips you have would be appreciated.
I'm a bit busy with work at the minute so not so much progress but hopefully in a few weeks this will change.
First question I have though is how/where did you choose to mount the fuel pressure regulator?  The instruction say not to mount this on the engine (makes sense) - I'm thinking of making a small bracket to mount to the bulkhead.

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