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Matthew Payne
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Posted by: Matthew Payne Posted on: December 15th, 2011, 11:25:41

Just thought I would let you all know that DH8411 - Q198RFM passed its MOT today!

Posted by: admin Posted on: December 15th, 2011, 14:03:36
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Well done Matthew! Hope to see you at some meetings next year :)

Posted by: Matthew Payne Posted on: December 15th, 2011, 16:49:45
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Bingley in January should be its first outing!

Posted by: Graham Bichard Posted on: December 15th, 2011, 18:26:52
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With twin-cam fitted Matthew?

Come on - where's the pics!

Oh - and well done  :)

Posted by: Matthew Payne Posted on: December 15th, 2011, 21:34:46
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Twin Kam fitted and running (well a bit of a pig to start at the mo).

Pictures? Just a be a little more patient (like I have been for the last 4 years!) until I have trimmed the interior... I really want a magazine review to go with it!


Posted by: chris clarke Posted on: December 16th, 2011, 19:43:24
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Great,does that mean there will be 2 at fakenhan next year,dont think i will make bingley i broke it at snetterton track day

Posted by: Matthew Payne Posted on: December 16th, 2011, 21:36:38
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Certainly does...

TBH I'm getting a lift on a trailer to Bingley ;-)

Broke it? Doesn't sound good - What happened?

Oh, and can you convince your boy to get DSN (as long as he is still there...) to make some Retro Sport Mk1/2 outer handles? They'd look a lot nicer than mine painted black!?

Posted by: chris clarke Posted on: December 17th, 2011, 20:26:43
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i'll have a word wiv the boy about the handles your right they would look good. I broke the gearbox on the short track at snetterton i was in third and just let off for the corner on the short straight and bang and i lost all drive,had to be towed off head down I found out later that i still had drive in top so i suspect broken layshaft,not had time to look yet, I'm trying to finish an mpi for dave at dsn.Would like to put a straight cut in but dont think funds will allow.Is john setting your supension up? he set pauls(eldest son) up he said it made it loads better.He is getting on with his twin cam turbo engine,i think darren has it at mo trying to sort compession ratio.

Posted by: Matthew Payne Posted on: December 17th, 2011, 23:06:31
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Quoted Text
Is john setting your supension up? he set pauls(eldest son) up he said it made it loads better.

Um, not exactly... The words he used were "drop in early and I'll show you how it works. Then you can have the day to play!" I could be there for sometime!

Posted by: Graham Bichard Posted on: December 18th, 2011, 16:05:22
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Have you used TB's or carbs with the twin cam?

Posted by: Matthew Payne Posted on: December 18th, 2011, 21:18:03
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Throttle Bodies. The injector holes are already in the head, so no point not using them TBH. Need to get the map sorted for cold weather and I'll be laughing. I mounted the ECU inside the glovebox to keep it warm and dry!

Posted by: Neil KilBane Posted on: December 19th, 2011, 08:47:45
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Mini Marcos warm and dry.

You don't hear that too often ;-)

Posted by: Graham Bichard Posted on: December 19th, 2011, 19:57:44
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Any hints on what your fuel system looks like?
What fuel pump have you used? Where have you mounted it? What pressure does it run at - 3 bar?  How did you fit the fuel return to the tank (van tank yes)?  Have you a charcoal cannister fitted?
Are you using the SC Typhoon ecu? How easy is it to map?

Questions, questions!!!

Posted by: Matthew Payne Posted on: December 19th, 2011, 22:03:41
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It looks good!

Mk3 MR2 fuel pump (same as Celica) with a built in regulator - One fuel line only so no return. It's a little deep, so an extra box has been welded to the base of the tank. It's higher than the exhaust, so should still be okay :-/


Pump mounts through a hole in the top. The pump has a built in swirl pot which should improve on my 'surge prone' Clubman Estate MPI I had. The pump was then surrounded in fuel foam too...


I haven't used a charcoal canister either. The pump did have a 'let-off' for an extra line to a charcoal canister, but I plumbed this back to the fuel inlet. Oh, and fitted a vented cap... Not very IVA!

Typhoon? Yes. Easy mapping? You'd have to ask Simon at SC. It doesn't talk to my Mac, and as they are so close its not far for me... Infact the RR they use is about 5 miles from me so they loosely set the fuelling about a month ago after sorting another customer car!

Posted by: Matthew Payne Posted on: December 20th, 2011, 18:31:45
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Simon tweaked the ECU today. He spent all of 2 minutes, but now it runs from cold...

I spent the whole day using the alignment system. John, Simon and Anthony all showed me how to do different bits, then left me to it until I have the figures right. Started with the corner weights (I got them close enough, but didn't get it 100% as the trim isn't all in yet). Then rear suspension. Finally front. Holy Cow was the Toe out. So far that the tyres were actually squealing over 40Mph on the drive over there (glad it was wet!). Thats the problem with building it in a shed - Not enough space to stand back from it and get an idea!

The drive back home was completely different. I was laughing the whole way! The gears feel so short (I have the rev warning light set to 4K until run-in) and the noise is immense. The handling was a revelation, with 4.8 degrees of caster, the steering is lovely and feel some!

Cant wait to go out in it again! :-)

Posted by: Graham Bichard Posted on: December 20th, 2011, 19:54:01
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Matthew, in that third pic down (of the fuel tank set up), is the subframe in position?  Can you put you tank in and out with the subframe in position?
I didn't think that was posible  :-/
How deep is the box on the bottom of the tank - thats kind of the idea I had to create a low point (to help prevent surge).
In the last pic, you've had to put a hole in the boot floor - was this to clear the top of the pump I assume?  Have you resealed this totally, or do you run the fuel lines through the cabin?

Can't wait to see the pics - when I ever get to that stage, I'll be asking you for your suspension setup  ;D

Posted by: Matthew Payne Posted on: December 22nd, 2011, 20:15:39
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Hiya Graham

Yes, the subframe is in position, and I can fit/remove the tank with the 'frame in. It does involve a far bit of smacking/banging and swearing tho'.

Box on the bottom is 50mm deep. It had to be that size to get the MR2 pump to fit. I really wanted smaller, or even to build a box on the top instead, but this was the easiest solution. And as the rear is soooo firm, I doubt it's likely to touch down!

The hole in the boot floor is left there. It is sealed (from water and dirt) by the tank itself. Because I don't have to IVA mine, I have then run the fuel lines inside until the spare-wheel-well, then it drops and runs under the car. I have then upholstered an 'inspection plate' over the pump to keep it from damage, and out of any testers eyes.

What FD have you settled on? The lack on soundproofing and my 3.2 has surprised me a little - very noisy and I find myself looking for another gear (by the time Im at 45ish ;-) )

Posted by: Graham Bichard Posted on: December 23rd, 2011, 14:55:30
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Interesting to hear you can fit the tank with the subframe in place Matthew - I'm just about to go out and remove the 'ring' at the base of the neck on my new tank (it's soldered in place).
I'm still thinking of putting a box on the bottom of the tank, I'm thinking more like 20mm deep) or as shallow as I could get away with really, and having the fuel feed coming out of that, while using the standard 'feed' as the return.  With a small hole feeding the lower box it should help alleviate surge too (without resorting to a swirl pot).  I'm not looking to have the car too firm though - more GT than track refugee!
The obvious point for the vent to the charcoal cannister would be the top of the tank but this would mean cutting into the boot floor (which would then need covering for IVA as you say) and if you filled the tank to the brim i.e. up the neck, wouldn't that be above the top surface of the tank?  I think some arangement using the neck is called for, while still allowing a sealed fuel cap.
As for FD, I've got a 2.9 which I was intending to fit, thinking it would be a good balance between acceleration and cruising (the MM should be lighter than a mini so pull it okay), but the way fuel prices are it may well stay with the 2.7 the MPi engine/box already has!
If you're not deaf by the time my car's on the road (ha ha ha etc) there'd be one or the other available  ;D

My car on the road..... Now that would be a good Christmas present!

Enjoy the holidays  :)

Posted by: Matthew Payne Posted on: December 23rd, 2011, 17:06:33
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Why remove the disc? I left it on with a foam buffer on top.

Make sure you put something in the base of the tank to stop surge (foam, or extra baffles near the fuel feed hole). If your are pushing it around a couple of bends I fear that the reserve in that extra might run out!

I know that there isn't enough space, but have you thought about a low pressure pump, external swirl pot, then the mph pump?

Or how about Webcon's 'off the shelf' injection 'in tank' injection pump? (my mum uses this in her MPI pickup (again with a box on the bottom of the tank) and it has a built in swirl pot).

I just have a fear that spirited driving is going to cause issues...

Posted by: Neil KilBane Posted on: December 23rd, 2011, 20:21:29
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Here is a link to a conversion to the fuel system on an estate,

Posted by: Graham Bichard Posted on: December 24th, 2011, 16:06:17
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Neil, I made contact with Ian Stellard a little while ago.  While the system has been reliable, he has suffered fuel surge using that set up.

Matthew, I agree the low pressure pump, swirl pot, high pressure pump would probably be the best way to go.  I'm just trying to keep it simple by adapting the existing system.  There's a thread on Turbominis at the minute which I'm following keenly.  The simple solution appears to be an in-line pump from Merlin Motorsport at Castle Coombe (I've held the pump when I lived near there - it's tiny) mounted on the rear subframe (as per an MPi fuel filter), with an adjustable pressure regulator and filter somewhere in the engine compartment (I serviced my mothers Micra recently - how simple/easy is it to change the fuel filter!  Not like my MPi).

I've been thinking about the charcoal return too.  If I could get a small diameter tube with a 180 degree tight bend in it, I could run it down the filler pipe where the filler pipe connects to the filler cap.  If I can ensure a liquid tight seal, both the filler pipe and the vent pipe would then be sealed within the drainage pipe used to separate the fuel system from the interior of the car.  (That last paragraph makes sense in my head  :))

As for taking the ring off, thats the instruction in the Heritage pack.  To be honest it was poorly soldered on in the first place (you could flex it, but not enough to break it off).  When I get the car up so I can get underneath (anyone got any milk crates going spare?  ;)) I'll look at whether I can refit it properly and isolate it (from vibration/rubbing) as you've done.

Enough about my car though, how many miles have you put on it, are you doing the interior yourself, which mag is it going to appear in, when do we get to see pics etc etc.

Anyway, Merry christmas all - fingers crossed everone gets their MM presents tomorrow!  ;D

ETA Matthew, where do you get the fuel tank foam from?  Is this something you can do yourself?
On another tack, I read on here recently someone (sorry can't remember who) who filled the sills with foam too.  Now I remember this being an old race/rally trick to strengthen/stiffen the shell, but once a conduit was in place for the electric, I'd like to do this too, to help reduce the 'booming' as much as strengthening.  What did they use for this I wonder?

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